Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Musicians in Training/Fun-lympics IDEAS!

We're so thrilled that so many of you have purchased our MUSICIANS IN TRAINING practice incentive and the bundle that includes the camp, FUN-LYMPICS!  We're running it as well in our studio this year and our students are loving it!  What great practicers we have!!!

I thought I would show you a few pictures of what the studio looks like and how I organized everything in case some of you might need some ideas.

Here's a quick look at the decor:
We hung up the large poster of MUSICIANS IN TRAINING with the logo showing the concepts we're working on all year - Skill, Focus, Knowledge, Endurance & Creativity.

We also hung the awesome sports pennants around the room.  They really came out great and add SO MUCH festivity to the studio!

We hung the team scoring chart across parts of two windows (wall space is sparse in the studio!) and the Team Scores sign.

We also made another sign (not included in the incentive) that we use to encourage kids when practicing starts to wane.  We're trying to help them "push through" those weak moments!

The incentive is packed with cards to use with all of the games.  In looking for a way to corral them, I purchased a bunch of "crayon boxes" from a local Walmart that work perfectly!  Then I found a slotted container in my stash at home that works perfectly to hold them.

I set the container on our game table and it's available for any game/sport we do in a lesson.  If I need to use more of the table, it has a handle so I can easily remove it.

Here's a closer look at the container. It has handles that snap the lid on. It works easily and because the boxes are flat, they are also convenient to stack if needed.  I used my label maker to label each box.

Side note:  these are available on-line but were significantly more expensive even on the Walmart site then actually purchasing them in the store.

The containers work perfectly for cards, but also help corral the game pieces and any other items (dice, post-its, etc.) that you may need.  I have found that if everything is easily assessable right where I need it, it saves precious teaching time.

I have a half-wall on one side (there are stairs behind it) so I used the top to put the Aquatics course.  I then used the lower wall to display the gymnastics and the golf course/equestrian event.

When you don't have a lot of wall space you use whatever you can!

To the right of the Aquatics, I used the rest of the half wall top to corral everything I need for the golf course and the equestrian eventing.  I've already played a few holes of golf this week since we just started and my students have really enjoyed it!

For areas where I don't necessarily have a table available, I've been using clear plastic containers.  I placed all of the game instructions in clear plastic sleeves (job tickets) to keep them protected and because you can put two in one sleeve (back to back), they work great!

These are just a few ideas that I hope helps you if you've purchased MUSICIANS IN TRAINING leading to the FUN-LYMPICS. If you haven't, considering joining those of us who are helping our students celebrate music AND the upcoming summer Olympics!

You can read more about MUSICIANS IN TRAINING and FUN-LYMPCS HERE and can purchase them HERE.

ALSO:  The SALE on all of the BUG games and our newest interactive book, MY FIRST PIANO BOOK is still going on for another 12 days, so be sure to check them out HERE.  They are just SO ADORABLE!

Happy Teaching!

Monday, September 9, 2019

What's BUGGING you?

We mentioned in an earlier post that Birds of a Feather Music Resources has developed a line specific to 4 and 5 year olds!  ABC & 123! We've already showcased MY FIRST PIANO BOOK, a fabulous interactive book that introduces music basics, but we know that the key to retention for these young kiddos is repetition!

With that in mind, we developed FIVE games that highlight a musical concept and five adorable bugs that are part of this line.  Here's a look at each game:

One of the first concepts we teach beginners is the musical alphabet.  This game board features, BUDDY, the adorable butterfly and we use his wings to play!

Students practice the musical alphabet forward AND backward trying to be first to reach the end of one of Buddy's wings!  

BUDDY Knows the MUSICAL ALPHABET includes the game board, game cards, two BUDDY game markers, and full instructions.

You can purchase BUDDY Knows the Musical ALPHABET HERE or by clicking on the Birds of a Feather tab above.

When approaching piano finger numbers often we first have to start with LEFT and RIGHT hands.  DOT, our cute ladybug, is just the bug to help with that! 

This exciting board game uses students' hands and fingers for the game pieces - a sure way to practice left and right and the  piano finger numbers!

DOT Knows MUSICAL FINGERS includes the game board, game cards, and full instructions.

You can purchase DOT Knows MUSICAL FINGERS HERE or by clicking on the Birds of a Feather tab above.

FLASH, the lightning bug, wants to help teach your students about whole notes, half notes, dotted half notes, and quarter notes!  

Students use FLASH game pieces and game cards to make their way across the field and try to be the first to reach the moon!

FLASH Loves RHYTHM includes the game board, game pieces,  game cards, and full instructions.

You can purchase FLASH Loves RHYTHM HERE or by clicking on the Birds of a Feather tab above.

Teaching the letter names of the white keys has never been SO MUCH FUN with this sweet spider and her card game!

Students make matches while trying not to be caught in OCTAVIA's web!

OCTAVIA Knows the KEYBOARD! includes the game cards and full instructions.

You can purchase OCTAVIA Knows the KEYBOARD!  HERE or by clicking on the Birds of a Feather tab above.

SNAP! Knows LOUD and SOFT!
BEWARE of SNAP! the mosquito-eating dragonfly! Losing this game makes you a WINNER!

Players make matches using forte and piano to help them move their opponent's game piece!

SNAP! Knows LOUD and SOFT includes the game board, game cards, game pieces and full instructions.

You can purchase SNAP! Knows LOUD and SOFT  HERE or by clicking on the Birds of a Feather tab above.

Are you a new teacher looking to build your music resources or do you find that you need some fresh resources that will appeal to your youngest students?  Our charming bug games will make a PERFECT addition to your studio or classroom and are available for purchase individually OR as a set with a bundle savings!  

To purchase the games individually OR as a bundle go HERE or click on the Birds of a Feather tab above!  Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My First Piano Book - A Flip Book for Early Learners and A SALE!

I'm really excited today to showcase a new line of resources designed for your early learners!  ABC  & 123 specifically provides material for 4 and 5 year olds.  The Piano Flip Book has been so popular that we decided to create a flip book that introduces young students (4-5 year olds) about the piano and beginning music theory.  

Meet MY FIRST PIANO BOOK, a fun and games book!

This interactive flip book is a fantastic way to start your young beginners. What better way to begin piano lessons than to introduce the piano with a fun coloring-sticker activity book!

In addition to the piano, MY FIRST PIANO BOOK introduces:
               * The Musical Alphabet
               * Musical Hands and Fingers
               * Simple Note Values
               * The Topography of the Keyboard
               * Line and Space Notes
               * Treble and Bass Clefs
               * Dynamics - forte and piano

As each page introduces one of the concepts above, students draw, color, fill-in-the-blanks, and add stickers!  We've also introduced five adorable and lovable bugs that will show up in all of the resources in the ABC & 123 line.  

We really wanted to make this flip book something that students would be excited to share with their parents and siblings so unique to this flip book, on each page there is a section titled, "At Home".  "At Home" provides detailed instructions for activities and games for students to complete during the week to reinforce what you've just taught them and to engage the family in the learning process.  

MY FIRST PIANO BOOK also provides flashcards for you to use right in lessons and for the "At Home" sections . There are cards for reviewing finger numbers, left and right hands, note values, etc.  We've even included a spinner!  All of the cards and the spinner have their own pockets in the flip book.

Once your student completes MY FIRST PIANO BOOK, there is a certificate of completion right on the back cover! 

So to's what's included:
             * A 14 page interactive music book
             * 9 pockets that include 8 sets of cards & 1 spinner 
                         Musical alphabet cards
                         Hands cards
                         Finger number cards
                         Note value cards
                         Keyboard cards
                         Clef cards
                         2 Sets of Dynamics cards (f and p)
              * A sheet of stickers
              * 18 "At Home" activities
              * A set of Award Stickers with for each of the Adorable Bugs!
              * Printing Instructions
              * Teacher Instructions
              * Parent Instructions for the "At Home" activities

MY FIRST PIANO BOOK can be used in lessons OR if you want a way to add students in the morning hours, consider using this interactive book with an early learner piano class by working on the book a page or so at each class over a few weeks.  MY FIRST PIANO BOOK would even work great for  homeschoolers!

We've put MY FIRST PIANO BOOK on SALE for the entire month of September!  Save 20%!  AND, this one time purchase allows you to make unlimited copies for your own studio!

Keep in mind that we have even MORE resources for this line coming very soon!

To purchase MY FIRST PIANO BOOK, simply go HERE or go to the Birds of a Feather tab above.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Olympics are Coming!!

We're all excited for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo starting July 24, 2020! Now you have the opportunity to get your students excited with you AND get them excited about practicing!  A Win-Win!

We've mentioned our new practice incentive, MUSICIANS IN TRAINING in a previous post HERE and it's a perfect way to start out your new year this fall!

We'll be running this practice incentive this year as well so the studio is getting prepped and ready!  We've even decided to challenge our students to come up with a FUN-LYMPICS fanfare!  We're looking forward to hearing all kinds of composing creativity!

We're running a SALE on MUSICIANS IN TRAINING as well as the bundle that includes the camp, FUN-LYMPICS! As you are thinking about all the prep work you need to do over the summer, consider adding a practice incentive that inspires and encourages your students.
The SALE will last the entire month of July!   To get more information, check out THIS POST for all the details!

Here's too a fun, athletic-inspired year!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What's New Wednesday?

Summer is full of fairs and carnivals and who doesn't love an amusement park?  Our newest game, STUCK AT THE TOP! celebrates all that type of fun!

STUCK AT THE TOP! is an exciting game that reviews/reinforces musical accidentals.   It even helps them understand enharmonics!

The game comes with four mini ferris wheel boards, game cards and full instructions.  The object is for students to do a full loop around the ferris wheel and be the first to reach the entrance/exit position again.

The game cards challenge their knowledge of sharps, flats and naturals as well as half and whole steps.   There are additional cards that change up the game, sometimes sending them to the top of the ferris wheel.  In some cases this may be helpful and in some cases it may send them back, but all of it is pure FUN!
There are four different colored ferris wheels so it can be at least a 4-player game.

STUCK AT THE TOP! is a great way to highlight all the summer fun in your area while teaching!

You can click on the Birds of a Feather tab above to purchase the game or go directly to the link HERE.

Right now you can get STUCK AT THE TOP! on SALE - 25% OFF!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What's New Wednesday?

Do you have students that LOVE cars?  I taught a family (unfortunately they moved away) with two teen boys and a younger sister.  The boys loved cars of any kind and their younger sister, catching the "bug" asked me if she could help me create a car-style game for the studio.  The result:

Classic Car Trade-Up!

This exciting board game has your students clapping rhythms  to try to upgrade their classic car to a much sleeker and much faster model in order to be the first to complete the race!

This game will have your students willingly working on rhythm!

So much fun!

And because we just can't help ourselves,  we've included a few surprises to add a twist or two to the race!

The packet includes the game board, vehicle cards, game cards and full instructions.

To purchase Classic Car Trade-Up, simply click on the Birds of a Feather tab above OR click HERE.  

And because we like a good sale, Classic Car Trade-Up is available this month for 25% OFF!


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you for all of you who posted about our new practice incentive, USS Adagio.  The winner of the giveaway of a free copy of this new incentive is....Melissa B.!

Melissa, just contact me at for your free copy!

More new products and new giveaways to come!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Let's Talk Organization!

I don't know about you, but as the regular school year and our studio year winds down for the summer, organization tends to be more like disorganization!  You know what I mean!  Lots of areas of our studios tend to get a bit messy.  Let's face it.  We have our own form of Spring fever and tend to get a bit lazy and too busy to keep up with things.

I've previously posted about game organization and big changes I had made.  I can honestly tell you that after two years, it still remains a great system and stays very organized.  I can always find what I need quickly.  Obviously the key is putting things back, but with the zippered pouches I've been using it's a breeze!

You can read the post I did and see more details by clicking HERE.  There's even a quick video.

Since that system has worked so well for me I decided to try to come up with a system for my music lending library.    I had been using a large cupboard that was very deep and had doors on the front.  It can hold ALOT of music.  The problem was I would "shove" everything in there and close the doors to hide the mess and would rarely take the time to put everything back in it's place.
If I couldn't see it, it wasn't really there, right?

Since it was also so deep, I would put things in front of the music and pretty soon I couldn't get to any of it!  So every summer I would clean it out and try to work on my "behavior".  Well, I guess I'm too old to change because that "behavior" remained the same!  It really was the system I was using that wasn't working so I knew I had to do something different.

So I marched myself down to IKEA and bought some more Kallax units, put them on end and organized all the music by levels...AGAIN!

This time however, I purchased plastic magazine files to sort them.  I looked everywhere for wider ones and found the cheapest option at Webstaurant Store.  HERE is a direct link.  I added some labels to the front and have found these are PERFECT for keeping me organized!

The Kallax units are open in the back so these boxes also keep music from slipping back or falling behind the unit.  Two of the magazine files fit perfectly on each shelf.

Here's a closer look at the magazine file.  LOVE these.  They are well-made, sturdy and hold loads of music in each one.  Since they're plastic, the labels are also easy to remove should I need to re-organize later on.

I made these changes last summer and I'm happy to say the music library stayed organized ALL year.  Occasionally I had a little pile to put away at the end of a week, but this set-up made it easy to take care of it quickly.

Here's a quick look at the entire wall.  I have two Kallax units (4x2 cubes) standing up and two Kallax units (2x2 cubes) below the windows.  I use the magazine file boxes for the two units on the left for my student library and then use the other two units on the right to store resource books.  I was even able to fit a file cabinet (also IKEA) between them.

I really love this system.  It also gives me a flat service between them to use as needed.  Now that part can get a little messy sometimes, but I'm working on that!

What about you?  Any good organizational tips you can share as well?

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What's New? Wednesday! AND a GIVEAWAY!

Longing for a cruise about now?  Why don't you take your students along?  In fact, why not take a cruise where the ship is powered by music?  We've got it all planned out so look no further!  The USS Adagio is awaiting your arrival!!

This cruise ship themed practice incentive will be a HUGE hit in your studio!  Students "board" the ship at the start of your yearly lessons and travel throughout the months ahead.  Exploring the ship and all it has to offer will have them eagerly practicing!

And there are enough twists and turns to keep them excited and wondering where their game piece will be each week!

The USS Adagio practice incentive is designed to keep your students engaged in the theme allowing them to move around the ship, but experience benefits the more they practice!

There is a main game board with a large deck and nine locations that students can explore - everything from a spa, to an arcade, a theater and even an infirmary!

In addition to the game board and game cards, there are messages from the captain, a weather station, life jackets, muster station drills and so much more! There's even a safety manual since no cruise is complete without one!

In addition to the main incentive, we've included boarding passes, stateroom keys, muster station drills, nautical banner sets, life rings, the ships "crew",  and many more items to give you a complete nautical theme within your studio or classroom!

We also added 4 games to use in your studio and all the files you will need for activities at the ship locations including the very popular Piano Flip Book!

There's a "wellness" checkup at the infirmary, all the information to encourage your students to put on their own personal recital for family and friends, practice challenges and themed assignment sheets.

And if that's not enough, we've also included themed valentines, birthday and holiday postcards and themed stationary!

Bottom line:  There are loads of activities and practice encouragement for a year-long study with your students!  All the work has been done for you!

Still wondering if using a practice incentive is the right fit for you? Check out THIS blog post about the benefits of using a practice incentive.

To purchase USS Adagio practice incentive click on the Birds of a Feather tab above or go directly to the link HERE.

AND just because we LOVE our customers, this practice incentive is on SALE AND we're giving away a free copy!  To enter to win, just leave a comment below stating what you love about practice incentives.  ALSO, for a second entry, subscribe to our Birds of a Feather FaceBook page HERE.  The giveaway will be open through May 5, 2019 at 10:00 EST. Giveaway now closed!

Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


TODAY, April 30th marks the LAST day of the Camp SALE!  Don't hesitate!  Make sure you take advantage of the lower prices as you plan your summer program!

Practice Incentives are also on SALE!!

Happy Shopping!