Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Road Signs!

It's only 6 days until Music Olympics! and only 13 days until RoadTrip USA!  Yesterday I spent the day putting lots the details together  for RoadTrip USA! (Music Olympics is completely done.) and thought I would show you these station signs I made:

Each day on our "trip" we will visit the rhythm station, the note identification station, the musical terms station, the road tunes station and the movement station.

Here is the sign for the rhythm station:
Notice the musical terms on the stoplight?  I thought that would be a fun reminder!

I used foam core boards (20"x30" cut in half so they are now 15" x 20"), lots of cardstock and my Silhouette die cutting machine! My craft room is now a disaster, but I got them done! :)

Here is the Note Identification Sign:

At this station, we will do loads of activities and games to learn and reinforce notes on the staff.  Of course, those activities and games will have the "flavor" of the area we visit!

And the station sign for Musical Terms:

Musical terms and symbols will take on a whole new meaning when we visit this area!

Road Tunes...

It's all about ear training at this station!  We will be doing lots of listening and lots of learning about American composers!

And the sign for the Movement Station:

Here will we learn a bit about different styles of dance or movement that fit the musical styles of the area such as line dancing in the Wild West or a hula dance in Hawaii!

Each one of these signs will be set up outside (as weather permits!) so that as we venture on our trip, we have destinations to stop at. 

There will even be a traffic officer in the area!  He will be watching for speeding campers and those that fail to observe the rules of the road!  Yes, we even give out tickets at camp!  After all...this is a road trip and we must observe the law!

It's getting pretting exciting around here! 


Unknown said...

What cute ideas! And beautifully executed!! Looks like a lot of fun. :)

Sheryl said...

Thank you, Stace! We plan to have TONS of fun!

Wendy Chan said...

Very nice work Sheryl. I can see there's going to be a ton of fun!

Di said...

Oh wow, those are awesome! What a clever idea. I think your students are going to have lots of fun!

Sheryl said...

Thank you Wendy and Di! It was fun to make these!

Aleta said...

LOVE your ideas!!! Yes, it is LOTS of work!
Am putting the finishing touches on my Music Camp plans. It's lots of work, but hopefully will be fun.
Shouldn't have to wait to be my age to have your FIRST Music Camp!

May said...

I really love your idea. Where I can downloard the Road signs?

Sheryl said...

Unfortunately there is no download. I handmade them using my Silhouette (die-cut) machine and cardstock. I am not aware of any way I could download the pieces so that you could print them and put them together. Sorry.

Shauna Leavitt said...

Love your camp ideas! I love your blog in general :) Any chance you would be willing to make your signs for teachers to buy? If not, what about the graphics (die cuts)?

Anonymous said...

Sheryl, how long does your camp last each day?

Sheryl said...

Shauna, if you want to contact me directly, I'll try and help you out.

Sheryl said...

The camp I did was 3 hours each day, Monday through Friday.

Mlover said...

RoadTrip USA! was the theme for my camp last year. Fun! Fun! Fun! and easy to put together and the kids loved it! I tried to replicate the road signs...unfortunately I'm not creative like that:( glad to see that they are available:) I have monthly piano parties and these will come in handy for "stations" Fingers are crossed! I would love to be the lucky winner of your giveaway��