Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Solidifying Tempos

One of the fun activities we did at the Mystery Music Camp was relay races with a speedometer beautifully put together by Layton Music. I had the kids line up in 2 groups and then showed the first one in each group the speedometer set to one of the tempos. Then they had to race to one end, touch an object and be the first to return to their team. I thought "Presto" would be the favorite, but "Largo" and "Allegro" seemed to be the biggest hits! The kids LOVED this activity and it really helped reinforced the tempos. I made some "Speeding Tickets" which all of the kids managed to earn and we had fun using them to play a joke on their moms!


Anonymous said...

Love the speeding ticket idea! Did you have consequences or rewards when students got them?

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