Thursday, September 26, 2019

Stump Jump!

We recently introduced our new line of early learner resources.  The new line - ABC & 123 - includes an interactive flip book, MY FIRST PIANO BOOK and five new BUG Games featuring early learning concepts and five adorable bugs, Buddy, Dot, Flash, Snap and Octavia!  Each of the five games feature one of these cuties and teaches five concepts - the musical alphabet, piano fingers and hand shape, rhythm, loud and soft dynamics and the keyboard topography.

Well, because we couldn't help ourselves, we decided to create a game that features ALL of the bugs! Meet...STUMP JUMP!

Help your early learners review all of those first music theory concepts with this exciting forest-inspired board game.

The board game is actually in pieces allowing you (or your students) to arrange it in any configuration you want.  Once the game board is set up, you just need to decide which music concept to work on OR for added fun, decide to work on several!  

We've included game cards to allow you complete flexibility!

Each of the bugs, Buddy the Butterfly, Dot the Ladybug, Flash the lightning bug, Snap the dragonfly and Octavia the spider are all featured as player game pieces!  There are all kinds of twists and turns, learning, and FUN involved - all meant to keep your students excited about music!

We decided to put it on SALE as well so take advantage of the lower price while you can!

You can purchase STUMP JUMP! here or by clicking on the Birds of a Feather Tab above.

We hope you and all your students enjoy learning!

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