Sunday, November 17, 2013

Knock it Off!

Ok...not you!  But your students!  Here's a fun rhythm game designed to pin student against student!
What do you need?  Simply the game board (found on the my website here. ), a 12-sided die, and sets of two different colored chips (12-20 each).

Here's how the game is played:  The game board is made up of 12 circles with rhythm values totaling from 1 to 12.  Students roll the die and find the circle of rhythm that matches the number on the die and place one of their chips on the circle. 

Game continues with each student taking turns and placing chips.  If a student rolls a number that an opponent has a chip on, they can "knock" the opponent off the number and place their own chip on it.  If a student rolls a number they already have a chip on, they can add another of their own chips which secures their spot and doesn't allow opponent to knock them off.  If a student rolls a number that is secure, their turn is over and play moves to their opponent.

The game ends when one player covers the entire game board or a designated time is up!  To add a bit more challenge, have your students clap the rhythm in order to place a chip on the circle. 

Enjoy this game with students who have lessons back to back, such as sibling group, use it in your classroom or as a station during a group lesson. 

Have fun!


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Unknown said...

Looks like a great resource. I can't seem to find the board when I get to the link. Can you help?

Unknown said...

When I try to click on the link to get your game, it sends me to a totally different website. Can you please help? Thanks!

TR Hinter said...

I cannot find the game board when I try this link. Can you send me the correct link to access the board? Thank you!

Unknown said...

Please send the correct link. I can't seem to find it.