Monday, July 21, 2014

A Look at a Notable Summer!

Once the school year ends, my studio starts what I call, Summer Flex.  All my students have the option to attend one of my summer camps or to have 2 "double" lessons in July.  The studio is closed in August.  This year I ran two camps, A Composition Camp and a camp I called, "GAMES, GAMES, GAMES!".  I wanted (NEEDED) a bit of a simpler summer this year so I put these two camps together and they were certainly much easier than in years past.  Here's a look at what we did:

These 7 adorable girls started out the summer in my composition camp.  In addition to working through learning to write our their own songs, we played some games, worked on our rhythm and just plain had a really fun time!

Happy Campers!

Great Compositions!

Our second week of camp was all about games!  My students constantly asked to play games during lessons so I pulled out a bunch of their favorites, made a few new ones and ended the week with two days I called, Crazy Carnival!  Here's a look:

17 Campers (not all pictured!), 5 teen leaders and loads of carnival games!

Silly, silly fun!

Kerplunk!  Note value style!
A teen clown!
Rhythm races!
Terminology, with a water twist!

Loads of musical learning!

All in all?  Two fantastic weeks!  How's your summer going?

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Suzanne said...

Awesome! I had two camps last week and two more this coming week. We played bunches of games, but I am always thrilled to get new ideas! How do you play the game with all the balls and the one with the notes on what appear to be wristbands?