Monday, October 14, 2019

One Way to Gain New Students!

Over the years, the most requested resource I've been asked to put up for sale is my early elementary  program.  Many of you have wanted to use it for a summer camp, but it's also designed to use during the morning hours when often we don't have any lesson students.  I've run this program as a class for 4-5 year olds numerous times and gained regular piano students EVERY time!

PIANO DISCOVERY is a wonderful introduction to the piano and lays the foundation for music making.  This program also helps teachers evaluate children and advise parents of their child's readiness for lessons.

There are FIVE areas of focus. They are:
      * Technique
      * The Musical Alphabet
      * Ear Training
      * Rhythm
      * Keyboard Activities

During each class (or day of camp), these concepts are introduced through play - games and activities designed to encourage students to have fun while learning.

After each concept is introduced, it is reinforced numerous times through different activities.

PIANO DISCOVERY includes physical activities that get out all those wiggles AND craft/table activities where students can explore and express creativity.

We've even designed a set of cards specifically for teachers to set up a Display Board so that music concepts that are introduced can be displayed throughout the class or each day of camp.

Of course, the piano is the highlight of the program!  We've included "silent" pianos so that you can introduce technique, the topography, and two songs they will learn to play before they actually approach your piano and "hear" everything they've learned!

If you've been following our blog, you've noticed the ABC & 123 line of resources.  These resources, as well as PIANO DISCOVERY, feature several fun loving bugs that pop up throughout the program.   Any of the resources in the ABC & 123 line work beautifully as companion activities.

PIANO DISCOVERY is laid out as a 5 hour program - 5 classes (or 5 days of camp), one hour each class.  It's packed with activities and music with the understanding that early learners have a very short attention span.  We've also included "extras" you can use or send home with your students and several suggestions for additional activities.

Need more students???  This is a great way to fill morning hours, bringing in more income but also giving you a chance to talk to parents about enrolling their budding musicians in your studio!

With the exception of some craft supplies, we've included everything you need to run the program so why not give it a try??  You'll be thrilled with the results and with the additional students!