Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dueling Dice!

Here's another fun game to use when you're working on developing quick recognition of beats and their value.  Dueling Dice! is fast, easy and can be used with an individual student or in a group setting!
 The game requires one game board per student.  I made two different colors - one more for boys and one for girls although you can certainly stick to one color.  It also requires 2 regular dice and a marker for each student.  The game board is laid out with four sections.  The colored box in each section is used to write down the number of the 2 dice when rolled.  There should be four rolls and the numbers should be recorded in each of the colored boxes before the game begins.
For example, if you are playing with two students, have one student roll the two dice and then have both students record the total of the two dice in their first colored box.  Then the next student rolls both dice and both record the total in the second box.  Each student should do this one more time so that each box is filled.  Both students should have the same numbers in each of the boxes.  Now the game "GO!" the students race to draw notes that equal the value of the number in the colored box.  The first player to complete the task correctly wins!
There are lots of variations you can use with this.  You can require them to use each of the notes they are familiar with so that they don't use only quarter notes or whole notes.  I often tell my students, they must use each of the notes we are reviewing before they can repeat a note.  If you are working with an individual student, you can see how many they can do in a specified time limit or time the four and work to get their time quicker.  Fast, easy and requires little supplies!
If you're interested in using this game for your own class or studio, you can print the game board by going to my website, here.  I recommend laminating the game boards and using markers designed for white boards so they easily clean up and you have use of the game boards again!


Suzanne said...

Love this game!!!

Anonymous said...

My students LOVED this game today in their lessons and raved about how much fun it was- thank you!!!

Sheryl said...

So glad you and your students are having fun! Nothing better than sneaking in a bit of learning disguised as a game!