Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Camps

This summer I will be putting on 3 music camps. I am repeating the "Mystery Music Camp" I had in April. It was a huge success and it was a great way to introduce the basics to kids who haven't had any lessons or musical background. For a while now, I have also planned to do a "Discovery Camp" to introduce the piano to younger children. I'm also planning a "Music Olympics Camp" for kids who have some musical training and to offer a camp for those who already attended the "Mystery Music Camp".

The "Music Olympics Camp" is going to have some healthy competition and a team challenge - Handbell Hurdles! I am planning some cooperative games and activities to build teamwork and help them realize that we are ALL important and that each contribution is just as important as everyone else's. There will be loads of outdoor games such as Rhythmic Badminton - hitting a balloon only on the beat! - and some indoors fun (in case it rains!) such as Speed Note Namers - timed flash card races. The goals are to reinforce musical knowledge and have loads of fun doing it! I would love any suggestions others might have as I work on putting this together.

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