Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rhythm Candyland

This is Ben. He has an amazing musical ear and he's a real joy to teach. On this day, he was enjoying an Orange Julius he earned. And because I had baked chocolate chip cookies that morning, he got to enjoy a couple of those! I don't normally do that, but since the house smelled so could I resist? One thing that Ben does that is really helpful is test all my games for me. He LOVES games and he's always willing to play and even make suggestions of additional ways to make it fun. He's been renamed "Lord Licorice" or "Double L" thanks to a little game called, "Candyland".

Despite the fact that the game is designed for younger children, Ben has been a real good sport about playing (perhaps because he wins every time!). I handed him a couple of rhythm sticks and had him tap out rhythms correctly before he was allowed to move and then gradually increased the difficulty in the rhythm. It has really made a difference in his rhythm skills! Which goes to show you...just because it seems too simple, doesn't mean it can't be effective!


Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing! My younger students love the version of piano candyland I play with them using the note name flashcards. I'm excited to try this rhythmic version with them.

Unknown said...

Hi there, not sure if you'll get this, but could you maybe pass on the rules to this version? I just bought a Candlyand board and I was curious how exactly to play. Thanks! :)