Thursday, February 8, 2018

Musicians are Like...

It's great to see the excitement the Piano Flip Book is creating not only in our studio, but with music teachers everywhere!
Here's a look at the artwork from one of our high school students!  Have I mentioned the Piano Flip Book is popular with ALL our students - both elementary AND middle school/high school students?

A total win for your studio or classroom!

Bringing you quality resources is important to us.  We also "test" our resources by using them with our students first so that we only bring to you what students love!

In addition to the Piano Flip Book, we would like to introduce another new product - the Musicians are Like... series!  This series helps students identify characteristics of good musicians by relating them to animal skills, talents and behaviors.  We all love animals and often there is a great connection between us.  When used with your students, this series will help that connection and help you reinforce all those musician skills!

Our first series....The Jungle Edition!  And here's a look at what's included.

Nine Jungle Animal Collector Cards.  When printed and cut apart, they fit perfectly into baseball card-sized plastic sleeves so students can organize and view their collection.  Use them as rewards, encouragement, examples of goals to work on or simply for instructional enrichment.

Jungle Animal Coloring Pages!   There are five pages - nine animals along with one cover sheet.  In addition to an outline picture of each animal (suitable for coloring), each page includes information about the featured animal and ways students can relate the animal's trait to their own musicianship.  These coloring pages can be used as part of individual or group lessons, camps, or as a separate unit on positive characteristics of musicians.

Nine Jungle Animal Valentines!  Just in time for Valentine's Day, each valentine features a different jungle animal reinforcing your jungle theme and making it easy for you since all you need to do is print them and cut them apart.

Jungle Animal Birthday Postcards!  These postcards are unique, fun and simple for you to help your students celebrate!  Print them out, address them and they're ready to mail!

And unique to our jungle edition...Jungle Animal Stickers/Buttons!  One sheet features the nine individual animals and the trait each represents in a way your students can wear with pride.  You can print a sheet on adhesive sheets to use as stickers or print them on regular cardstock, cut them out and place in plastic button pins.  These are perfect for rewards, encouragement or to acknowledge the jungle animal trait your students most exemplify.

You can purchase the Musicians are Like...Jungle Edition by clicking on the Birds of a Feather tab above.  The one time purchase allows you to use the kit with your entire studio as many times as you want!  Keep in mind that we have several other editions in the works so you will soon see more options to choose from!

Also....DEEP IN THE HEART OF THE JUNGLE practice incentive and JUNGLE JAM camp plans will be released within the next couple of weeks!  This kit is a perfect complement to both of those!


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