Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Magnetic Spinners

I have stumbled across these spinners a number of times online and put them on my Amazon Wish List, but finally decided to buy them when I saw them at my local teacher store!
These are GREAT!  So much fun!  I'm planning on using them at my group lesson this Friday and here's what I put together using a spinner and a white board.
With a bit of help from some markers, I put this board together!  The spinner works fabulously and now I can make any board I want quickly and easily!  
After dividing my students into 4 groups, here's a look at how I'll be using it.  Each student will have a chance to spin the spinner.  Depending upon where the spinner lands, here's what they'll be asked to do!
TERM TEST!  This is just a fun way to test the student on a term they've been working on.  I have loads of flashcards, etc. so I'll adapt the question to the level of the student. 
STAFF WARS!  When the spinner lands on this area, the student will be tested on notes on the staff or in the case of my youngest students, they will be tested on their knowledge of the keyboard.
RHYTHM RALLY!  This will yield a question on rhythm!
BE A PERFORMER!  Since this is the final group lesson before our Christmas recital, I've asked each of my students to have a song prepared to perform for the rest of us.  If the spinner lands on this area, they will need to not only perform the song, but also show us great performance skills!
PRIZE BASKET!  As a part of my practice incentice, the kids have been encouraged to perform for family and friends,  Each time they do this and get an autograph, they put their name on a ticket in our popcorn bucket.  We have quite a few in there already, so if the spinner lands in this area, the student gets to pick out a ticket allowing the person whose name is on it to pick a price out of the prize bucket! 
CHICKEN!  I have this silly chicken, duck-like thing
in my stash and the kids LOVE it!  I'm not sure why and it's actually got a hole in it so doesn't even inflate any longer, but I guess that adds to it's appeal.  If the spinner lands on this area, the student gets to hold on to it.  If another student lands on this area, the chicken (or whatever it is!) is passed to them.  At the end of the game, whoever has it in their possession also gets to chose a prize!
It should be a fun time!  


Unknown said...

Those spinners are so cool! I think I might have to order myself some.

Corrie Anne said...

Great ideas!! That's definitely going on my wish list!

Hannah said...

I ordered these spinners after reading your post but was surprised to find out that all of my whiteboards are not made out of metal and therefore the spinners didn't stick. :( But I used cookie sheets and it was just as fun. :)

My categories were: Term Test, Staff War, Show Time (biggest section and twice on the board), 1-2-3 GO! (play a key on the piano), Chicken, and Charades (i.e. piano, staccato, allegro, etc.) Thanks for the idea! It made my music party a blast!