Thursday, April 19, 2012

Storing All Those Little Things

Part of owning a music teaching studio means that we have loads of supplies!  And if you're anything like me, those supplies keep growing!   I thought I would share a quick way that I organize some of those "little things" that I use regularly during lessons. 
I picked up this Carry-All Caddy at a local Michaels last summer and absolutely LOVE it! And of course, it was on sale, giving me added incentive!

Right now I use it to store flashcards, markers, dice, all those little characters, such as gummy worms, little dogs and cats, etc. that we use for game tokens, amd a small ball I use to demonstrate rounded hand shape.

 It sits right near the piano making it easy to "grab and go"!   Often I will use my dining room table for games, so this caddy makes it easy to grab just the right cup and move to that area.

To be fair, there is one slight issue I have had with it.  The bottoms of the cup (which snap in place) will fall off if there is too much weight, such as all those markers.  After picking them up a few times, I easily solved the problem, though, by adding some glue to keep them in place!  Now they're perfect!

What fun organizational tools work for you?

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Unknown said...

I use old tin cans and glass jars for most of my "little" things. I've been wanting to contain them all together though--just like yours all go into a little carrier. I LOVE organization tools like these!!!