Friday, November 12, 2010

Measure 10

I've been doing rhythm drills with several of my students this week and wanted to add a bit of variety to the drills, so I created this game - Measure 10 inspired by the game of Phase 10.  The only two things you need are the score cards (available on my website here) and a set of 10 dice with note values on them.  I received these specific dice when I ordered this rhythm game, but you can also make your own dice or alter regular dice using stickers.

Each student rolls all 10 dice and tries to build measures with the note values that come up.  The challenges give them specific measures to build.  You can play this as a short 5 minute game by just using the first few challenges or play it as a full game.  There is a set of directions included on the second page.  I did alter the playing a bit so that it was a quicker game.  The directions also suggest that you give bonus points if the student can tap out the rhythm they have just put together! 

It's not only lots of fun, but who doesn't love to roll lots of dice at one time??

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I don't know if this link is just really old but it doesn't work. I would love a copy of the score card and game directions but the link isn't working. Is there another link I can use to print these?? Such a great idea thanks!!!