Sunday, July 25, 2010

Steps and Skips

Tomorrow starts my Music Olympics camp! All the kids are excited and I've got to admit that so am I! Since I'll be super busy and may not be able to post much, I thought I would share a quick post today.

This is Deidra! She was having a bit of confusion reading steps in her method book, so I pulled her away from the piano during her lesson and using the magnetic staff board I just made, I had her work on them through a fun activity!

I had made up two sets of cards - one set had just the words "step" and "skip" and the other set of cards had "up" and "down". She turned one card of each set over and then went to the staff board to show me how to notate it. Once we had a few done, she went to the piano and played them! This really helped her. AND...she had a lot of fun doing it! I love when something simple makes such a big impact!

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