Monday, February 26, 2018

JUNGLE JAM and Deep in the Heart of the Jungle!!

It's here, folks!!!!  The long-awaited Jungle Jam camp is now available!  We've gone deep into the heart of the jungle to bring you this AMAZING camp plan!  It took us months to put it together and I'm so proud of how it turned out.  My students experienced it last summer and they're still talking about it!
Jungle Jam is packed (and I mean PACKED) with loads of musical games, activities and crafts all centered around nine jungle animals and an exciting trading post.

And if that's not enough, we've provided all the information you need to make a really cool grid-style game board that uses your students as game pieces.  This was HUGELY popular with our campers!

Let's break it down...Jungle Jam is 471 pages!  Yes, you read that right! 471 pages that include everything you need to run a full week of camp in whatever way you would like.  Using the entire camp will give you 15+ hours of material but just using parts of it for shorter camps allows you to chose what will work best for you and your campers.

If you've purchased or seen our Musicians are Like...Jungle Edition you know that we chose nine jungle animals specifically for their characteristics.  We compared those same characteristics to musicians and how we can use those to build our musicianship.

We've taken that to a whole new level with this camp.  These same animals take center stage and there are 27 games and activities that have them in mind.

In addition, we have created a really exciting trading post with seven shops.  Campers visit each shop and work through seven additional games and activities trying to earn much needed jungle supplies.

Working through the trading post alone would make a fun camp!

Here's a look at one of our shops - Moe's Meats.
It has a rhythm activity that involves a variety of meats just like at the local meat market.

Have you ever played games using a jumbo grid-style game board?  We have four just such games and here's a look at one called, Sloth Stack.  These games were so popular, we had to play them over again.

These photos show you outdoor activities, but almost all of the camp can be done indoors as well.  In fact, we've included a game index that helps you see what game matches up to what animal, whether it can be played outdoors or indoors, etc.  A great resource we hope will help make your planning easier.

In addition to the camp, we have created a year-long practice incentive called, Deep in the Heart of the Jungle.
This practice was the catalyst for the camp and includes a labyrinth-style game board that features a jungle river.  Students work their way through the river stopping at nine jungle areas.

Along the way, they collect the nine jungle animal collector cards and parts of a cypher to solve a coded message.

This incentive is packed with puzzles, mazes, and cyphers.   Even the animals have some messages for students to de-code.  This was by far one our most popular practice incentives and kept our students working hard.

Jungle Jam, Deep in the Heart of the Jungle and Musicians Are Like...Jungle Edition are all now available to purchase.   Simply click on the BIRDS OF A FEATHER tab above.  Right now there is a discount if you order Jungle Jam and Deep in the Heart of the Jungle as a bundle.  That bundle will also include all but one item of the Musicians are Like...Jungle Edition packet.  If you purchase the bundle, we are happy to send you the extra item FREE!

Also....stay tuned because Tonic Tower - a city skyscraper-themed practice incentive and Beyond City Limits - a fun, city-themed camp will be available within the next couple of weeks!


colbylobrien said...

Is there more information available about the Deep in the Heart of the Jungle year-long incentive? I love doing practice incentives with my students and this looks very interesting!

Sheryl said...

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Just send me an email at and I'll get back to you asap!

Lori Bolt said...

I was wondering if you ever created the pre-piano lesson camp mentioned in a blog comment from several years ago. I would be interested!