Thursday, May 24, 2018

In Honor of Memorial Day & A Giveaway!!!

My dad was a Navy veteran and even though I spent much of my childhood missing him, I'm proud of the work he did serving our great country.  He recently passed away so this Memorial Day has an even greater meaning to me.

In honor of Memorial Day and all of our veterans, we wanted to offer a GIVEAWAY of our popular Piano Flip Book and put it on SALE!  We will be doing a drawing for TWO Piano Flip Books!

If you would like to participate in the giveaway, there are two ways to get your name in the random drawing from now through May 31, 2018.  First, put a comment below letting us know what Memorial Day means to you and second, start following our Birds of a Feather Facebook page here.  If you do both, you will have two chances to win!

A fantastic way to teach your students about the piano!  The drawing will take place on May 28th.  We will post TWO winners on Tuesday, May 29th!

We will also be putting the Piano Flip Book on SALE through May 31st.  Get 20% off!  This one time purchase allows you a complete studio license!  

You can find more about the flip book here.  

Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's New? Wednesday!

Looking for a fun game for your youngest students?  We introduced Scherzo's Surprise card game to our younger ones and it was a big hit!

Scherzo is our pesky, mischievous seagull and in this game, he's helping to drill students on notes on the grand staff along with the help of a couple of adorable mice and a dolphin!

We've included 23 notes but you can certainly adjust the notes you use with your students. You can even print a second set to have the option of using only a few cards in each set.

Students try to match up notes with letter names while trying to avoid Scherzo, the seagull!  Of course, I seem to always be the one who ends up with him, but at least there's lots of learning in the studio!

In addition to playing Scherzo's Surprise with our students, I've played this M-A-N-Y times with my six year old granddaughter.  She asks to play it over and over again and she definitely knows her notes on the staff!

To purchase this exciting and fun game, just click on the Birds of a Feather tab above or directly from the Lulu link below!  And since all of our games are currently on sale this month, you can get it at a discounted price!
Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Download immediately.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What's New? Wednesday!

Up today, we have a fun game to review notes on the staff...

Your students will "FLIP" over this fun way to review notes on the grand staff.  We've included ledger lines as well so you can decide which notes to review with your students.

Each player is given their own game board and chooses several hats to fill it.  The hats are then turned over to reveal notes on the staff.  Now the game begins...

Players then select letter cards.  If they have a note on their game board that matches the letter, they can turn over the card on their game board to reveal a hat!

The first player to "flip" their cards to reveal all of their hats wins!

FLIP YOUR LID! will have your students "flipping" for game time during lessons, your summer camp, group classes or your classroom!

To purchase FLIP YOUR LID! just click on the Birds of a Feather tab above or directly from the Lulu link below!  The best's part of the SALE we have going on right now!
Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Download immediately.
**FLIP YOUR LID! is included in the Tonic Tower Practice Incentive also available under the Birds of a Feather tab above!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Organized Game Center & a SALE!

I don't know about you, but by the time the school year ends (since it coincides with many of our studios), my studio needs a BIG dose of organization!  I always start the fall with a completely organized, clean area, but as the year goes along, my attempts at staying organized can start to falter and then it pretty much goes downhill from there!

This past year I tried a whole new approach to my game organization and put together what I hoped would be an organized center.  I couldn't be more excited about how well it worked and since it's the only area in my studio that STAYED organized all year, I'm planning to try to pull inspiration from that center to other areas over the summer.

So here's a look at what I did...
I purchased a Kallax shelf unit from Ikea, turned it on it's side and added bins.  I labeled each bin with a musical concept which allowed me to sort games appropriately.

On the top of the unit, I store purchased games that I've altered to be music games and all of our dice, game chips,  and Japanese erasers that we use as game pieces.

I've posted before about how I store each game and let me just say - this system is FABULOUS!  Here's a post with a full description of that system.

Within each bin, all of the games are stored in pouches making it easy to "grab and go" when I need to fit in a bit of fun learning.

I put together a short video showing each bin and giving a bit more detail.  I hope it inspires you to make some organizational changes in your own studio!

Now for some EXTRA fun...

All of our games are ON SALE now until the end of this month!  Most of them 25% off! Here's your chance to stock up for the fall or even for use this summer - whether you use them with summer lessons, camps or other summer related activities you're planning!

Just click on the BIRDS OF A FEATHER tab above and shop away!!  We do have a few new games that I have yet to post about.  Watch for those over the next couple of weeks!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What's New? Wednesday!

Looking for a fun game to add to your summer program?  Whether you are running a camp or continuing lessons through out the summer months, your students will love this exciting way to review musical intervals!

SEVEN SEAS has easily become one of our students' favorite games!  We're getting ready for our Spring recital and helping with all of those nerves is high on our list!  Pulling out this game instantly brings smiles!

Students match up intervals or seas to try to be the first to get rid of the cards in their hand.  There's all kinds of "hiccups" that can happen while playing and of course that pesky seagull keeps showing up!

Included in this fantastic game is a full set of cards, Seven Seas reference cards and a set of directions!

This is a fabulous game to use in lessons, camps, group lessons and will certainly be a hit over the summer months!

To purchase Seven Seas simply click on the Birds of a Feather tab above or directly from the Lulu link below!
Buy this e-book on Lulu.
Download immediately.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I'm starting a new weekly segment - What's New? WEDNESDAY!  On Wednesdays I will be highlighting a new resource we've put together at Birds of a Feather.  It could be a new game, new camp, new teaching tool, practice incentive, interactive book, etc. We want you to know about them as soon as they are available!

So....First up...

CAN YOU REACH 100?  (Djembe Edition)
This fantastic puzzle is a fast, fun way for your studio to mark progress toward a 100 of ANYTHING!  Have you challenged your students to learn 100 pieces?  Maybe 100 days of practice?  Maybe you want to work on rhythm so you ask your students to complete 100 rhythm exercises!  Whatever you decide, we have a very exciting way to do it!  Instead of just checking a box, have your students build a puzzle together!

This djembe is a 100-piece puzzle that students work together to complete.  Each time one of your students completes a challenge requirement, they can draw a puzzle piece to add.  My students had a great time working together on this and really looked forward to participating.

We've included two puzzles of the same image- one is muted with lines showing where each puzzle piece should be added and the other is a full color version that you cut into pieces.  Those pieces can be placed in a bowl, bag or bucket so that students can reach in and grab one at a time.  Each puzzle is four printed pages that are attached together.

This photo shows our start as we began to fill in pieces.  The goal for my studio was to complete 100 performance ready pieces within one month. Everyone in my studio participated and worked hard to practice those pieces!  And...we were successful!

So if you're planning a 100 challenge, consider this fun way to track it!  CAN YOU REACH 100? Djembe Edition would work great over the summer to keep your students practicing and to give them goals to work toward!

CAN YOU REACH 100? Djembe Edition is available under the Birds of a Feather tab above!  It's also included as part of IN THE HEART OF THE JUNGLE practice incentive - another fantastic teaching tool!

To purchase and download CAN YOU REACH 100? Djembe Edition, click on the Lulu link below.
Buy this e-book on Lulu.
Download immediately.


Monday, April 30, 2018


Today is the LAST day for the SALE on camps and camp/practice incentive bundles!  There will not be another sale on these until next year so get yours today!!!

All camps and bundles can be seen by clicking the Camps tab above.

Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018


There are only 4 MORE DAYS left of the SALE on all of our CAMPS and PRACTICE INCENTIVE/CAMP bundles!  From now through April 30th they will be available at reduced prices!  This sale only happens once a year and due to the high demand this year we decided to extend it until the end of this month.

Effective May 1st, they will no longer be ON SALE so take advantage of these lower prices and get yours today!!!

Just click on the Birds of a Feather tab above...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Want to Take a Trip to the City?

They're HERE!  Tonic Tower and Beyond City Limits are now available in the shop!  Here's a peek inside each one:

Tonic Tower 
Tonic Tower is a studio practice incentive that centers around a large skyscraper.  Students "climb" the tower, visiting eight different shops on the way to the top.

The shops are self-contained and unique so that activities for each one is entirely different from the others.  Shops can be used in any order you wish - use all or choose a few - allowing you complete flexibility to adjust the incentive to fit your studio's needs!

The eight Tonic Tower shops include:
      Flip Your Lid! (hat shop)
      Pear Phones and Tablets
      Scoops Ice Cream Shoppe
      All that Ticks & Tocks (clock shop)
      Laser Adventure (laser tag)
      Tonic Music Academy
      Gone to the Dogs (pet daycare)
      Sweet Expectations Candy Shop

All the information, directions and printed material for each shop is included.  If you spend at least four weeks in each shop, this practice incentive can last 24 weeks or more of lessons.

We also included ideas/printed material for decorating your studio/classroom and your students notebooks as well as ideas for your recital.

Here's a few of the items you can expect to find in this incentive:
   * Tonic Tower printable
   * Elevator Panel for your students to track practicing
   * A fun, interactive flip book about composer, John Williams
   * A Create-a-Game kit to help your students create games for your studio
   * Game boards and activities for various shops
   * Two self-contained games for use during the year


Our students really enjoyed the changes each month and looked forward to all the activities.  We planned a "hidden" shop at the top to build up anticipation.  This was a very motivating incentive and we think your students will love it as much as ours did!

Beyond City Limits
Beyond City Limits is the camp we put together to tie into our year long practice incentive.  This camp invites your students to explore life in the big city.  They participate in games, activities and arts and crafts that focus on six city "regions" with special activities in each.

   *City Center - a fun group graffiti music & art project
   *Municipal Park - group games
   *Grand Central Station - jumbo EVERYTHING
   *Shopping District - games/activities based on shops
   *Arts & Museums District - arts and crafts
   *City Station - Drumming project

As with many of our camps, Beyond City Limits is designed to fill at least 15 hours of fun.

Here's some of what's included:

   * Metropolitan Transit Map
   * Metro Passes
   * City Region Signs
   * Graffiti Music Art Project
   * Five Shop Games
   * Five Jumbo Games
   * Four Craft Activities
   * And LOTS MORE!

So take your kids on a fun journey through the city with a week of fabulous games, activities and art projects. We've also included a guide for running this camp to try and make it as easy as possible!

You can find both Tonic Tower and Beyond City Limits by clicking on either the camp tab or the Birds of a Feather tab above!  The best news???  They're both ON SALE right now!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Camp Series

Up first in our camp posts...

This exciting trip around the United States features a look into music styles and the flair of various regions in this great country.  Each day of the 5-day camp features a different region with games, activities, movement and fun - from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans, to the Wild West, New York City and the islands of Hawaii!

The camp plan outlines all of the games, activities, movements and decor ideas for each day.  It also recommends music choices to help enhance all of your fun!

To add to the excitement, we also have musical road signs available if you'd like to include them in your camp decor!

So pack your bags and take a trip with RoadTrip USA!  Make sure you've filled up your tank with gas and have a spare tire as you travel from the open plains to carnivals and towering skyscrapers on this fun musical adventure!

Oh, and be sure to obey the rules of the road...

To see previous posts about RoadTrip USA, check out HERE
and HERE!

To purchase RoadTrip USA!, simply click on the Camp tab above and select the camp and the road signs or go HERE!