Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Have you seen The Emoji Movie?

I recently took my granddaughter to The Emoji Movie, which is currently still in the theaters.  It was very cute and she LOVED it.   Now every time we see an emoji anywhere, she reminds me of a part in the movie.  Are your students talking about it?

Why not take advantage of that excitement to encourage a bit of music learning?  Birds of a Feather has 2 fun emoji games that all of our students enjoy playing!

Here's a quick look at both of them:

Emoji Accidental
This super fun-filled game is perfect to work on accidentals with your students.  Students start on a very sad, injured emoji and work their way around the board to turn their emoji into a happy, healthier version all while identifying those accidentals!

This packet includes a game board, game cards, grand staff cards and game directions.  Add a few fun emoji erasers as game pieces and you'll have students longing to learn their accidentals!

So much fun!! 

Emoji-magination - NEW!!!
This fun charade-style game is a great way to review/reinforce musical terms and let's face's just plain fun!  This game centers around a large emoji-die - a MONKEY emoji-die!!  This totally adds to the charade fun!  
This packet includes game directions, game cards and the 6 monkey sides you need to add to a square box!  This game is a favorite at group lessons!

Celebrating what your students love, helps you teach in a way that makes your students want learn!  Have fun with them and if you haven't seen the movie, make sure you do!  You might even want to make it a studio event!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A fun Summer game!

Looking for a fun, Summer game?  Consider "What's the Scoop?"  This ice-cream scoop related game is a much requested game in my studio right now!

Add it to your summer camp, or summer lessons.  Either way, your students will be recognizing melodic and harmonic intervals - unison through 5ths - in no time.  You can read more about it here.

This delicious game is included in the current SALE, so get yours today!

Just click on the "Birds of a Feather" tab above!

Thursday, June 1, 2017


By popular demand, we've decided to extend our May SALE to a Spring SALE!  If you were late getting in on all the savings, you still have time!  The Sale will be extended until June 18th!

So, go shopping and enjoy the fun!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Today is the LAST DAY for the great MAY SALE!!  Everything is at least 20% off!  Stock up NOW!!  Even if you don't plan to run a camp this year or even if you have other plans, there is are so many games, projects, crafts, etc that can easily used through out the year in your studio or classroom.   Build your own theme with any of them!

There is also a great practice incentive - Marooned on Musicians' Island!  My students LOVED it!   So don't hesitate to stock up now!

We are in the process of completing loads of additional resources so look for those shortly!!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2 More Days Left!

There are 2 more days left to get in on the May SALE!  Be sure to stock up on any camps, resources or games you need!

It's not too late to run a camp or a few group lessons over the summer - all the planning has been done for you!  Just click on one of the tabs above to get the resources you need!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Longing for a Trip to the Islands?

It's that time of the year...lessons are winding down and you're getting excited for that summer break that you so long for!  How about a trip?  A trip where you can dip your toes in the water and the sand!  Consider taking yourself AND your students on a trip to Musicians' Island!  This is a trip you will ALL LOVE!!!!

Two summers ago, my students went on this trip and they still talk about it!  With a bit of prep, there can be a lot of musical learning under the sun this summer!!!

All the planning has been done for you!  Simply choose Mystery on Musicians' Island (Yes, a very fun mystery!) under the camp tab above.  The best news????  It's ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!!!  Marooned on Musicians' Island is a year-long practice incentive which is also available and ON SALE!!  You can see loads of pictures and information about how I ran the camp here!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

RoadTrip USA!

If you are thinking about or have already purchased RoadTrip USA! camp resource, consider 2 things!!

First of all, consider adding the RoadTrip signs.

They add SO MUCH fun to the atmosphere.  If you plan to set up outside (or even inside!), these signs add a great impression and fun, especially on the first day.

These signs were so popular that we put them together in digital form so they're available to all of you!

Secondly, this is the perfect time to add a bit of patriotic decor!  With Memorial Day and Independence Day just around the corner, there's loads of decorations in stores - including all those dollar stores - that add just the perfect "extras" to your week of camp!  I always make sure that the first day is a festive as possible because that can easily set the tone for the whole week with your students AND their parents!

RoadTrip USA! and the RoadTrip USA! signs are available for sale under the camps tab above.  The best news - they're both ON SALE as are all the camps and the games under the Birds of a Feather tab for the entire month of May!

Have FUN this summer and after your camps, be sure to make some time for yourself to rest and recharge!!

Monday, May 8, 2017


Hi All,

I know I've been VERY absent.  I had a rough recovery from a total knee replacement.  In fact, I'm just now starting to get around without a cane.  I'm feeling SO much better, but have a ways to go.  I'm thankful for a great doctor and an amazing physical therapist!

In any case, to celebrate spring and my recovery progress so far, I'm running a SALE on EVERYTHING in my store - all the camps, teaching resources and games!  It's a great time to get your summer camp materials or stock-up for next year!  If you've already decided on your summer plans, you may find a resource or game that will work well with what you're already doing!  Just click on the Teaching Resources & Camps Tab or the Birds of a Feather tab above!

Most everything is 20% OFF!  The sale will run through the entire month of MAY 2017!


Thursday, January 5, 2017


Tomorrow is the last day of the SALE on all Birds of a Feather products.  Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the great savings and stock up for a fun-filled year of great music learning!


Happy 2017!

Sheryl & Beth

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sale Extended!

Exciting News!!!!  The SALE all games under Birds of a Feather has been extended through January 6th, 2017!!!   As a way to celebrate 2017 and help you infuse your studio with some more FUN, take advantage of the sale and stock up!!!!

We, Beth and Sheryl wish you a wonderful 2017 and a great year of teaching!!