Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sale Extended!

The sale of the Piano Flip Book has been so popular, we've decided to extend it!  We'd love to see ALL your students enjoy learning about how the piano works.  Our students have been LOVING it!

Here's some of what we're hearing:

J (parent) - "The Piano Flip Book is a great way to get kids engaged in learning about the piano."
B (elementary student) - "This was so much fun!  I loved learning about how my piano works!"
C (Teen) - "The Piano Flip Book is cool!"
D (Teen) - "This is a fun way to earn about the piano!"
M (Teen) - "This Piano Flip Book is so much fun!"
S (elementary student) - "The Piano Flip Book is awesome!  I really love it!"
C (elementary student) - "This is really great!  I love doing this!"

Why not incorporate this fun activity in your studio or classroom?  We're extending the sale on the Piano Flip Book through the entire month of February so take advantage of the savings and get your copy now!

Just like on the Birds of a Feather tab above or see more information on the flip book here.


Chuck and Linda said...
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Sheryl said...
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Paige Rainey said...

Can the piano flip book still be purchased? If so, how and what is the cost?

Paige Rainey