Thursday, February 1, 2018


Teach your students about the piano!  Not only how to play it, but how it works.  We created this exciting, fun and interactive flip book that does just that!
I have been using the Piano Flip Book with my students over the last few months and they LOVE it! We've been taking a few minutes each week to work on it and for many it has become the highlight of the lesson!

With a few supplies you probably already have on hand, your students will be cutting, pasting, coloring and best of all...LEARNING all about the's history and anatomy, how the action works, the topography and how to care for this amazing instrument.

Here's a little look at some of what's inside:

A bit of history...

A piano flip book inside a piano flip book!

A full 88 keyboard pull out with activities on each octave!

The best part?  The purchase of the Piano Flip Book allows you to make as many copies as you want for your studio, classroom or home!  The gift that keeps on giving!

This activity can be used each week like I've been doing in my independent teaching studio or it can be part of a camp, group lesson, classroom or homeschool project.

Click on the BIRDS OF A FEATHER tab above to find it!  Enjoy!

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