Thursday, March 1, 2018


SUMMER MUSIC CAMPS!!  It's that time of year again!  And we want to help make it easier for you!

For the entire month of March, all of our camp plans are ON SALE!!  And, the bundled Camp/Practice Incentives are ON SALE as well.  Stock up now and SAVE.

Here's a look at what we offer:
RoadTrip USA!
A musical tour of the USA!  This super fun camp includes a "trip" to our nation's capital, NY city, New Orleans, the Wild West & Hawaii. An exciting way to spend five days this summer.

There are also Road Trip signs available.  This camp has been by far our most popular!

World Adventure!  Visit 6 continents (it's too cold to visit Antarctica!) and many of their countries. This camp plan is loaded with games, activities, science projects and crafts all centered around the flavor of the area you visit.

Lots of research went into this camp and many of the games are inspired by games children play all over the world.  We also included several "inventions"  in our activities.

Mystery on Musicians' Island! Take your students on a mystery filled adventure.  This camp plan is loaded with games and activities with an island flair.  Many of our students say this was their favorite camp.

Marooned on Musicians' Island is the practice incentive based on the island  This incentive can be used during the year as a prelude to the camp or after the camp as you start up the new year.

Jungle Jam
Take your students to the jungle!  This camp plan (461 pages!) is packed with 34 games and activities, a trading post, 9 jungle animals and a jumbo size grid game board that uses your campers as game pieces.

This is by far our largest camp plan and one we are VERY proud to present to you.

Deep in the Heart of the Jungle is the companion practice incentive.  This incentive features puzzles, mazes, cyphers and a labyrinth game board.  Our students say this was their favorite incentive so far!

Meet the Composers!
This smaller camp plan provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce elementry students who may have minimal or no musical knowledge to some amazing composers and the art of composing!  

Designed to be taught in 4-one and a half hour classes, these plans provide the complete format to not only introduce students to some amazing composers, but also to give them the opportunity to create their own compositions through a few basic composing techniques.

And coming soon...

Beyond City Limits
A super-exciting trip to the city!  This camp plan visits areas of the city where students experience games, crafts, bucket drumming and a group graffiti musical art project.

This camp plan is almost finished and will be available within the next couple of weeks - just in time to take advantage of the March savings!

Tonic Tower is the companion practice incentive that centers around a large city skyscraper.  This incentive has students visiting several "stores" in the skyscraper.  It includes a fun elevator panel, game boards, and activities that change monthly in order to add a fresh twist to all that practicing!

Take advantage of the reduced pricing and enjoy the smiles and learning your students will do this summer!  Just click on the Tab above label "Camps"!


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