Friday, October 16, 2015

COVER IT! A fun game of note values!

Need to help your new students a bit more with note value recognition? 

Here's a fun game to help with that.  COVER IT!, a game inspired by Pinterest.  All you need to do is print a game board found here (In the spirit of fall and Halloween, I printed mine on orange card stock), grab some rhythm dice and some tokens and you can do just that!

You and a student each chose a side of the board. The first player decides how many dice to roll (1-5) and then adds up the number of beats.  The player than places a token on that number on his side of the board.  For example, if the player decides to roll 3 dice and gets a quarter note, a whole note and 2 beamed eighth notes, he places a token on the number 6 on his side of the board.  He continues to roll and place tokens until he rolls beats that add up to a number he already has a token on or if the beats equal more than 12, the highest number on the game board.

Play then passes to the other player.  Continue rolling and counting until one player covers all of the numbers on his side of the board!

Super easy to play and super easy to set up!


Anonymous said...

Where can I find and buy rhythm dice?

Unknown said...

I am wondering the same thing. Where can I find the rhythm dice?

Anonymous said...

Amazon has rhythm dice.

Anonymous said...

I found some on