Thursday, October 22, 2015

A TWIST added to COVER IT!

So I've been playing COVER IT! all week with my students and I have to say, they are LOVING IT!  Such a simple game, but they it's helping them to recognize note values much quicker.  And newer students are learning them much faster, which I am loving!

Partway through the week, one of my students and I came up with a bit of a twist to add to the game so I thought I would share it with you.  (You can see the previous post for the original instructions.)  To speed the game up a bit AND to add a bit more strategy, here's what you can do - if a player rolls the dice and comes up with a total number of beats that are already covered on their game board, their turn would be over and play would go to the next player.  The next player has the option to choose the previous players last roll and using it to place a chip on their own side of the game board.

For example, if the first player rolls three dice that total 6 and they already have their 6 covered, their turn is over.  The second player has the option to cover their own 6 with a chip based on the last player's roll.  The hitch?  They cannot continue to roll.  Their turn is then over and it becomes the other player's turn again.  This added another element to the game which my students really thought was fun.  We did decide that if a player only had one number left to cover, they had to roll for it and not use the other person's last roll.  It was our way of saying the player had to EARN the winning spot!

Such a super fun game.   If you decide to use the game in your studio or classroom, I'd love to hear how your students enjoy it!

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