Monday, August 24, 2015

Fun Finds!

Over the summer, I found a couple of fun things that I've incorporated into my studio for the year and wanted to share them with you!

First of all, I found these fun stools at our local IKEA for only $4.99 each!

They really our cute.  The photo doesn't do them justice.  Interestingly, when I went to IKEA, I brought along a friend and while she and I were discussing whether they would be good in the studio, another woman overheard and piped in!

She said she was a teacher and many of the teachers in her school had bought these because they worked so well in classrooms.  That was all I needed to hear!  I picked up 8 for additional seating since most of the time, students are sitting on the floor in our group lessons.  They'll be quite happy!

Another nice thing is that they stack together so well and it's easy to tuck them into a corner.  They are rated for 220lbs so they'll easily hold ANY of us!  And for $4.99!!!!

They'll make great seats for group lessons, lab work, seats for siblings working while I'm doing lessons, etc.  Lots of uses!

The other thing I picked up at a local craft store is these fun jars for all the game pieces and dice we use in the studio.  I didn't want to unscrew a lid every time I wanted something so I didn't want to use the typical canning jars despite the fact that we have tons of them.

These actually just snap open, making it easy to access everything quickly.

Here's a close look at the smaller ones.  A perfect size for 25 rhythm dice!  Loving these two finds and feeling more organized!

I had a new family come to the studio today and she commented on how organized everything looked and specifically mentioned these jars.  It must have helped because she signed up her 2 daughters for lessons!

I hope these two ideas inspire YOU!


Jennifer Foxx said...

Oh my goodness Sheryl! Now I need to run to Ikea! I love this much more than having to cram kitchen chairs in the living room! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Foxx said...

Update! I have my Ikea stools! Yay! :) Thanks again for the tip!

Sheryl said...

You're welcome, Jennifer! I LOVE them as well! Such a great find!