Friday, April 11, 2014


This sweet girl, Abrianna, besides being very talented musically, has been blessed with loads of creativity!  She is a very talented artist and loves to make gifts for her friends and family.  Recently she made several stuffed animals and by "made" I mean she bought the fabric, sewed them together, stuffed them and embroidered the faces on them.

One week when she came to lessons, she surprised me with one of my own.  What's unique about this one, is that she also embroidered all kinds of musical terms all over the adorable cat.

Here's a quick look!

I decided to make this our studio mascot so I had a contest and asked my students to name the cat!  Abrianna selected the name from the long list of submissions.


I love kids and their creativity!  Thank you, Abrianna!!

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Donna McLain said...

Very cute! Loved how you came up with the name and let her pick! I like the idea of a studio mascot!