Monday, April 14, 2014

Have You Read in Musical Terms Lately?

Meet Rafaele!

He has just started lessons and we've been working on dynamics - f, p, mf.   He's a hands-on learner and I wanted to have a bit of fun with him during a recent lesson, so here's a look at what I pulled out.

One simple book and 3 dynamic flashcards and we were on our way!

I asked Rafaele to read me the story with the understanding that as I held up a flashcard, he had to read using the volume of the dynamic marking.    Of course, I changed them often and we had ourselves a very silly time!

The end result?  Rafaele always remembers to apply those markings when he plays!  A fun exercise with quick results!

How about you?  Have you found a fun activity that has helped your students quickly learn a musical concept?  We would love to have you share!

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Greenside Music said...

That's a brilliant idea! We like to use humor when we teach new words - when learning 'crescendo' and 'diminuendo' we say it sounds like something out of Harry Potter and we get the student to wave their 'wands' while saying 'crescendo' and getting louder as they speak, and while saying 'diminuendo' they get quieter towards the end of the word. It's always fun in lessons at Greenside Music!