Monday, March 12, 2012

Marketing through Travel

Recently I put some additional money toward a marketing endeavor. Since I spend most days at home teaching, I wanted to make sure that when I was out running errands, attending church, etc., that I was doing some sort of advertising!  So, I had magnets made for my car!
I took a picture of my sign and emailed it to a friend who owns a print business.  She added my website to the bottom and produced these great magnets - one for each side of my vehicle.  It cost me about $50.00 and I couldn't be more pleased.  Just about every day someone mentions those magnets to me and often let me know they have seen me around town!

The other day while in the grocery store, I received a call from a woman in the parking lot standing by my car!  She saw my vehicle and wanted to donate a brand new violin to the studio!
I don't teach violin, but often use them when I talk about string instruments and I often hear of kids who can't afford instruments so I was happy to take it and will gladly look for a good home to donate it to!  She was thrilled.  I think the cost of the magnets paid for itself in that call, don't you?


Anne Crosby Gaudet said...

Looks awesome! I've been wanting to do this, so thanks for the reminder!

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Anne! Please post a picture when you do get them! I would love to see how yours turn out!