Monday, March 5, 2012

Rally with Rhythms!

I was thrilled when Jennifer Fink of Pianimation came up with Accidental Adventure for the Eggspert.  For Christmas last year, one of my parents, knowing I wanted it, purchased the Eggspert for me for use in the studio!  Apparently Jennifer and I were thinking along the same lines, because I had also been working on some rhythm cards to match the colors of the eggs. 
Using the Eggspert with the random setting, here is a quick overview of how I made these cards:

Beat-A-Rhythm!  - cards requiring rhythm sticks (or clapping) and a metronome.  Students clap/tap a designated rhythm at a specific setting on the metronome.  Obviously, the setting (if you even want to using a metronome with the student) can be altered depending upon the level of the student.
Identify the Missing Note! - A set of four measures is shown with one measure missing a note.  The student needs to identify where the note is missing and what the note value is.
Build Measures! - Using a one minute timer, students are asked to draw measures within a specified time signature. 
How Many Beats Do You See? - a random amount of notes and rests are shown on the card.  Students need to add up the notes and rests and name the amount of beats!
Can You Name the Correct Time Signature? - Four measures are displayed.  Students just need to name to correct time signature that matches!

Grab and Roll! - This set of cards requires the student to grab a white board, roll rhythm dice, or grab a time signature card and complete the challenge.  Obviously there are some additional tools needed for this set of cards!  These are all common items in your studio!

I've also included some Fun Extras such as, Bonus Cards! giving the team an extra point, Sorry...Miss a Turn! cards and Face Off! cards allowing the student to face off with a member of the other team!

You can print the cards off my website here.  I'm planning to use them at my upcoming group lesson!  Enjoy!


Heidi said...

What a great game! Even though I don't have the eggspert... the Really Really Long Music Race Gameboard from Jen Finks pianimation site works great with this game (and Accidental Adventure) too. Since I have students come at overlapping times for lab I had them play Accidental Adventure against each other using a die and they loved it. I'm excited to try this game with them too

Sheryl said...

Great suggestion Heidi! It's great when we all work together to help our students learn! Thank you for sharing this idea!