Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Studio Reorganization

Like many of you, I'm always looking for ways to improve storage in my studio.  This summer, I did a large overhaul in the studio.  One of the biggest reasons was to add more room for group lessons and activities and to have a space for movement (especially with my younger students).  To make room for that space, I had to streamline my storage.  Here is the result:
I mentioned these cubes in a previous post and finally took the step and added them to the studio.  I actually went to my craft room and "stole" them to use in the studio (and yes, now I have to deal with the mess in the craft room, LOL!)

I really LOVE the result.  Most of the drawers are 13" square so they are nice and roomy to hold games, rhythm sticks, or whatever I need.  I have labels that include note id, rhythm, terminology, scales, intervals, ear training, etc.  Everything is well organized and easy to find, visually pleasing and completely out of the way!  I was even able to store my handbells in one drawer using drawer dividers!

The next thing I did was to remove my desk or should I say, my table.  It took up a large amount of space and I found that it was more of a dumping ground then a work space.  Since I have a laptop, I can easily work at my dining room table or even on the couch.  I don't miss it at all. 

I put my printer on a small cupboard which nicely holds the printer paper and all that colored cardstock we use so much, added a rug and as you can see (sorry, not the best lighting in this picture!) now I have lots more room!

I am really happy with the results.  It also feels so much cleaner and looks much more professional.

One other thing I did was to eliminate the rolling plastic cubbies I previously had near the piano.  Everything is now in those great cubes!  Because I still needed a surface in that area, I moved my small bookcase over there. 

The rolling carts were always moving around and things would fall down between or behind them.  Now everything feels and looks so much more organized.

Now that I've mostly finished cleaning and organizing, I'm starting to put together my incentive program, all the student binders and get ready for our kick-off group lesson next month!  I hope your plans are going well and that perhaps I helped give you a few ideas that will make your studio work more efficiently for you!


Anne Crosby Gaudet said...

Your studio looks fantastic Sheryl! Wow, you must be so pleased. Love your storage shelves. Can't wait to hear about your incentive programs.

Wendy Chan said...

Your studio looks awesome!

Laura Lowe said...

Everything looks great! Please come to my studio now and give it a nice overhaul... :-)

Joy Morin said...

Wow, Sheryl! Looks great!