Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That

I'm still busy getting lots done, but thought I would share a few purchases I recently made for the studio.
Meet Ricky, The Rhythm Raccoon!  I've been wanting to include a puppet in the studio for awhile, but until recently, I wasn't able to find "just the right one"!  Isn't he adorable?  I plan to use him with my younger students as we work on some rhythm activities together. 

His little paws are already quite good at clapping!  Based on a couple of other stuffed animals I have in the studio, Ricky is sure to be a big hit!

I recently found this stamp at a craft store.

It works perfectly to add to a visual picture of scales, key names, fingering, etc. similar to these wonderful ones created by Susan Paradis.  Since I'm a stamper at heart, it works well for me to use this stamp with my students' assignment pages.

Really loving this find!

One of the things that really frustrates me when doing lessons, is all the writing I have to do.  Between student assignment pages and my personal notes, it was getting difficult to hold everything!  And near the end of the year, despite my attempts to count correctly, some student assignment binders would be out of assignment pages so I'd have to stop and make copies during a lesson!

My solution!  Or at least I hope it is! This clipboard opens up so that there is storage inside.  My plan is to have blank assignment pages inside and fill those out to add the student binders each week rather than try to juggle their binders.  I also will keep sheets for my own notes - all in one place.  This way I'm only holding one thing rather than trying to juggle my stuff and theirs!

I've already been using it for my own organization and I think it's going to work well for me.  I know there is lots of  technology out there that people are looking into and trying, but for me, this is a great fit.  At least for now...
What new "toys" are you using this year?


Jen Fink said...


I love your keyboard stamp! I can imagine that coming in handy all the time! Where did you find it? I may have to go to look for one...

Sheryl said...

Hi Jen,

I found it at a Hobby Lobby in PA, but here's a link if you want to try on-line. I paid $6.00. It's a Stampabilities stamp entitled Piano Keys (go figure!).

Good luck! Sheryl

Sharon said...

I have used the black clipboard for myself for a few years and LOVE it. I never thought about it for the students but guess what? I'm ditching their 3 ring binders (they are a clumsy, take up a lot of space in their music bags and the rings are a pain to open and close)!!!

I also ordered the keyboard stamp online and got a 40% discount which helped offset the shipping cost.

Earlier this year I also eliminated my desk for more room!

I love your site!!