Thursday, June 23, 2011

Student Evaluations

This week, instead of typical lessons, I've been doing student evaluations.  This is a time when I sit with each of my students and at least one of their parents to talk about how we're ALL doing.  Since we're just coming together after the recital, everyone is usually pretty excited.  Depending upon the age of the student, I have them first complete an evaluation on themselves or I do it with them (meaning I ask them the questions and record their answers).  Then we discuss their evaluation together before I give them my assessment.

I was really surprised at how well it went this time and how closely my students were quick to be honest and open about their efforts (good or bad).  I was especially impressed with my youngest students because they really thought about the answers and were really sharp in their assessments of themselves.  I have pretty amazing students!

It was great to have an opportunity to talk about our future goals and any changes we think will be helpful.   It also allows me time to get quality input from parents.  They enjoy the time as well and have expressed how much they appreciate it. 

Do you put together evalutions?  If so, is there any results from particular parts of your evaluations that have changed the way you do lessons?  What kind of questions do you ask?  I would love to hear your feedback!

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Tammy said...

Love your blog! Have decided to take my studio to the next level and you've been so helpful in sharing information. What kinds of questions do you have on your evaluation?