Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marketing with Facebook

I'm not a technically saavy person.  Period.  Everything I know on the computer is self-taught since personal computers were "non-existent" when I went to school.  But, I certainly recognize how important new technology is to my business.  So...I depend upon my kids to help me out and a lot of other people who take pity on me!

I've been watching the Facebook craze and will admit that I have a Facebook page.  BUT...I'm terrible about keeping up with it because it seems so time consuming.  I even set up a page for the studio, but wasn't sure that I even did it correctly!  I recently stumbled upon this article and thought I would pass it on to all of you.  It's loaded with all kinds of information - literally everything you ever need to know about Facebook and how to use it to market your studio. 

When I have more time (after camps!), I hope I can read through it all and make changes to what I've done.  If you are using it now or know what you're doing, please stop over!  I would love to meet you!  But please, be patient and don't laugh because...I'm not even sure I can remember my password!!

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Anne Crosby Gaudet said...

I can't wait to see what everyone has to say about using Facebook for a studio page. I have a personal FB page for family and friends, but I have been thinking about a studio page to connect with piano parents, students, colleagues and past students. I just don't know if I want something else to manage. So far my pro/con list hasn't tipped me either way. Looking forward to your thoughts as you explore FB for your studio.