Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Busy Activities of Summer Camps

With the recital and evaluations behind me, it's on to Summer Camps! I've actually been working on my newest camp, RoadTrip USA! for the last few months, but now that I'm down to the last 3 weeks, I'm knee deep in supplies and planning!  I'm actually just about done and thought I'd give you a sneak peek at some of the activities we're doing. 

Every road trip needs some documentation, so my amazing friend, Becky helped me put together these adorable travel logs for each of the campers:

I'm working on stickers they can add for each of the "destinations" they visit during the week.  They will also be writing bits about each of the composers we study!  Super cute!

Of course a road trip across the USA absolutely MUST include a stop at our nation's capital!  And while we're in D.C., we're going to do some fun patriotic activites - - -

So I gave my friend, Becky a sketch of a game board I needed in order to drill the campers on their musical terminology.  Keeping in mind that Congress makes our nation's laws, we're playing a game that drills the "laws" of music!

This is what she made for me.  Isn't it awesome!?  She's amazing!

All of the numbered squares are actually pockets which will contain musical terms - everything from volume dynamics, tempos and general symbols. A camper calls out a number and after seeing or hearing the clue, tries to come up with the correct answer.  If they do, they get to keep the card in an effort to add the card to their team's pile.  If they miss it, the other team gets the opportunity to give the correct answer and secure the card.  The team with the most cards wins!

We'll be having a bit of a discussion about laws, why they are important, and why musical "laws" help us to become better musicians. 

Of course, this game is only one of many activities we'll be doing throughout the week.  It's a busy time, but I'm having so much fun putting everything together and I'm very appreciative to Becky for helping me out!

I hope your summer plans/camps are shaping up as well!


Bethany said...

Amazing. I love your creative ideas. Will you be posting your lesson plans?

Sheryl said...

Hi Bethany,

I'm working on making the camps available so stay tuned!

Sarah said...

This looks like so much FUN! I know your students are going to have so much fun at camp :) and I'm impressed at all the hard work and creativity you've put into it.

Sheryl said...

Thank you Sarah! You are so sweet! We do have a blast! I'm as excited as the kids seem to be!

Wendy Stevens said...

Sheryl, I'd love to hear how you made the passport books! Very cute!

Sheryl said...

Wendy, they are actually small little lined notebooks I found at the dollar store(they were 3-5 to a pack). We covered them in black paper and added the sticker Becky made to the front. I put together stickers they will add to it each "place" we go during the week as well as writing about the composers and the music they listen to. Hope that helps!