Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Create your own flashcards!

I love to put together games and activities for my students.  It really helps the learning process and gives all my "hands-on" learners a fun way to learn and reinforce terms, notes, etc.  I recently ran across this website and love it!  Brainflips allows you (or your students) to create your own music flashcards on-line or use flashcards already created!  There a several of them already available for your use.  

The nice thing is, they can be viewed in 3 different ways - Introduction Mode - for introducting information, Traditional Mode - where you can see the question and then flip the card for the answer, or Response Mode - where you can manually type in the answer once you see the question.  In other words, you can increase the difficulty level.

It's all free and storage isn't a problem since they are all kept on-line for you!  Give it a try.  Put together your own flashcards and send your students there to try them out.

Love the idea!

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