Thursday, October 4, 2018


We know you love a value and we've started a new series that will do just that for you!

TRIPLETS - Note Value Edition is a bundle of three games and a large set of note AND rest value flashcards.  Each game uses only the flashcards you want to use with a student so they are perfectly tailored to your students skill level.  In addition, there are some specialty cards unique to each game.  The highlight, however, is the flashcards.  Who knew flashcards could be SO MUCH FUN?!

The three games included are "Give & Take", "Rows & Columns" and "8 to Win".  All three games are completely different, but still help to build the same concept - identifying/learning note and rest values.

We tried to tailor the games so they would fit any age level and I'm happy to report, they did just that!

I played one of the games with one of my five-year-old students and with one of my older teens.  Both of them loved it!  How often can you use one or one set of games for EVERYONE in your studio?H

Not to mention that this file contains a "boat-load" of flashcards that you can use in numerous other ways.  Have your students build measures based on a time signature.  You build the measures with missing notes and have them identify them.  Use the pack of flashcards for your summer camps for all kinds of games!

Here's a quick look at each game:

Another nice perk?   Three games fit in one pouch for easy quick storage! If you need to review note or rest values with any of your students, just pull out this one bag and you have three options for games and all the flashcards you could possibly need!

You can find TRIPLETS - Note Value Edition for sale by clicking on the Birds of a Feather Tab above or click the Lulu button below. AND...we're putting it on sale for the rest of the month!!!!  Happy October!

Buy this e-book on Lulu.
And watch for more editions already in the works!

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