Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's New? Wednesday

Today, we have an exciting, interactive flip book for you and it's all about...JOHN WILLIAMS!

We wanted to introduce our students to this amazing composer & entertainer and wanted them to see another way that we interact with music in our world. It's all about the movies and the John Williams Flip Book walks your students through the process!

Each page flips up revealing a new activity from listening, to watching a movie or learning about the leitmotif!

Students learn about John Williams' life with this fun flip biography.  There is also a page with an accordion book showcasing his movies.  We've included a word bank for a listening activity and of course, no movie is complete without some popcorn!

Students are encouraged to watch a movie with music by John Williams and describe/discuss how the music affected the movie. We've also included a page to highlight all of his awards!

If you're wishing you could do just a little something different this summer, consider highlighting music in film and using this John Williams Flip Book to showcase some of your student's favorite movies!

Our students we're pretty excited that watching a movie was a part of lessons!  Why not highlight a different movie each day for a week and have your students discuss parts that were more exciting, scary, sad...just because of the music played?  Play parts of the movie without the sound, then replay it with the sound so they can see the difference.  Have them work in groups to research music in film.

Better yet, get your students working together to create their own "film" and add music to it that fits.  I once taught a middle school class at a local christian school and had the kids create a commercial, adding music to try to "sell" their product.  It's eye-opening and helps students appreciate the work it takes to make this happen and helps them "view" music in a whole new way.

So this summer, why don't you consider a movie theme?  You can purchase the John Williams Flip Book by clicking the Birds of a Feather tab above and scrolling down or directly from the Lulu link below!  Your students will love this change of pace and who doesn't love a good movie?

Buy this e-book on Lulu.
Download immediately.

Oh...and don't forget the popcorn!

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