Wednesday, May 17, 2017

RoadTrip USA!

If you are thinking about or have already purchased RoadTrip USA! camp resource, consider 2 things!!

First of all, consider adding the RoadTrip signs.

They add SO MUCH fun to the atmosphere.  If you plan to set up outside (or even inside!), these signs add a great impression and fun, especially on the first day.

These signs were so popular that we put them together in digital form so they're available to all of you!

Secondly, this is the perfect time to add a bit of patriotic decor!  With Memorial Day and Independence Day just around the corner, there's loads of decorations in stores - including all those dollar stores - that add just the perfect "extras" to your week of camp!  I always make sure that the first day is a festive as possible because that can easily set the tone for the whole week with your students AND their parents!

RoadTrip USA! and the RoadTrip USA! signs are available for sale under the camps tab above.  The best news - they're both ON SALE as are all the camps and the games under the Birds of a Feather tab for the entire month of May!

Have FUN this summer and after your camps, be sure to make some time for yourself to rest and recharge!!

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