Sunday, July 3, 2016

What's the Scoop?

Interested in a super-fun game with a super-fun summer twist?  What's the Scoop? is a great way to work on interval recognition while trying to build the tallest ice cream cone!  It's become a favorite game in my studio!

Students work their way around the game board while trying to collect scoops for their cones.  There's all kinds of flavors - Ballad Beat Blueberry, Perfectly Presto Pistachio, Rocky Road Ritardando, Triplet Chocolate Chunk, Stradivarius Strawberry, Minty Mezzo Mango and Tutti Frutti Fermata!

The best part - while having fun with this favorite summer treat, they're also learning to recognize musical intervals!

Enjoy this fun game with your students this summer by purchasing this game through Birds of a Feather!


Cherie Norquay said...

Thanks for sharing. This is exactly the game I needed for the rest of the summer! I am teaching the Piano Safari Method for the first time and I am preparing my students for intervallic note reading that is coming up.

Sheryl said...

So glad, Cherie! Enjoy!