Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Musical Menagerie

Looking for a fun way to drill your elementary students on their bass clef notes?  It seems that treble clef notes are always a bit easier for them to grasp so we need ways to make that bass clef more fun!  Well look no further!!   Musical Menagerie not only fits the bill, but it also involves animals!  And ALL kids LOVE animals!  What a fun way to make learning something hard, easier!

Students travel around the board, naming bass clef notes while also trying to collect musical animals - or their own menagerie!

There's a "Nothing but Treble" monkey, a 2-beat bat, a fast-paced furry gerbil, and a fermata fish! Collect all 4, make a least one lap around the board and you're a bass clef superstar!

Great fun, great learning and happy students!  Now that's a GREAT combination!

Musical Menagerie can be purchased under the Birds of a Feather tab above!


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