Thursday, April 7, 2016

Game Storage

Over the years, I have tried numerous ideas trying to find the best way to store all the games I use in the studio.  I have tried using file folders, plastic folders, drawers, etc.  You name it!  Recently I found myself in a position needing to store 24 new games (more info on this later!) at one time.  I had purchased several plastic bags with the sliding closure on top, but found that the slider kept breaking making the bag unusable.  So, I needed a new system!

2 Things were important to me.  1.  Ease of Use so that I could grab a game quickly without looking for all the components and 2. Quality Storage so that I didn't have to worry about constantly ripped or broken parts.

ENTER...Vinyl and mesh storage bags sold by the Container Store.  I LOVE these things!!  In fact several parents have commented on how nice they are!  They come in 3 sizes and currently two colors - black and aqua.  I mainly use the middle size (10.75" x 14").   They are PERFECT to hold all of the game parts when I have game boards that are 8.5" x 11".

When I say, quality, I really mean QUALITY.  They are extremely well made from the tab at the top to the zippers and zipper pulls.  The mesh/vinyl bag itself is thick so it can withstand all of the game pieces and dice placed in them.

In each bag, I place the game board, directions sheet, cards, spinners, game pieces, dice, etc.

Everything I need for a game is included so that when I want to play the game, I simply grab a bag!

I was finding previously that I had to search through several bins, folders, etc. to get all of the components - a big waste of time, especially if you decided during a lesson that a student needed a quick drill of something.  We need all the previous minutes possible when doing lessons, right?
I store them with the tab facing up and have placed a label on each one with the name of the game and the concept it reviews.
Right now I have them in a fabric bin that fits in a shelf unit I purchased from IKEA.

I have some games that don't fit in the medium size so I have a few in the larger size bag and then smaller games that fit nicely in the smallest bag.

I couldn't be happier with this system.

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Brandy said...

This looks like the perfect solution to my game storage dilema! Thank you for sharing =)