Sunday, April 10, 2016


There's a new division of Notable Music Studio!

I'm happy to introduce, BIRDS OF A FEATHER Music Resources.

These resources are created by two creative birds (myself and my friend, Beth) and have been a HUGE hit with my students.  Over the next few weeks, I will be adding and showcasing many new games that we've created and are available for purchase.  First up...

This is a fun game featuring our adorable little bats and stalagmites and stalactites!  Stalagmites grow up from the floor of caves - AKA the Bass Clef - and Stalactites hang down from the ceiling of caves - AKA the Treble Clef!  The game board features 7 bats labeled A-G trying to earn their wings!  This game tests your students' knowledge of notes on the grand staff.  It's super fun and adding a little black bag to the game adds a bit of "cave darkness" to the fun!

And of course, we've added a "batty" twist to the game!

If you've purchased Mystery on Musicians' Island, you already have this game!  You can use it with the camp OR if you have purchased Marooned on Musicians' Island, purchasing this game will add a fun way to drill notes on the staff when your students reach the cave!

OR, simply add it to your studio or classroom as a fun way to encourage your students to learn!

The game board, bat wings and full instructions are included!

Any way you look at it, your students will love CAVE OF CLEFS!  If you'd like to purchase this fun game, just click on the BIRDS OF A FEATHER tab above!


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