Sunday, March 13, 2016

Summer's Coming!!!

Summer's coming so why don't you make sure your income keeps coming as well!?!   No need to worry about stretching your lesson income of 9-10 months over 12!  With a bit of planning and a camp plan already done for you, it's a breeze!  It's also a great bonding time for your students and will re-energize their love of music!

Indoors or outdoors, small or large, short or long,  simple or packed....YOU CAN DO THIS!

The first year I ran a camp, I decided to try the idea during a school spring break.  I anticipated that parents might be looking for ways to keep their kids busy, so I thought I would put out the word and see what happened.  8 kids signed up and we had a BLAST!  I asked for feedback from parents and based on how the week went and the feedback I received, I called it a success and knew that come summer, this just had to happen again.

The hardest part of running a camp is putting the plan together.  Knowing what you want to accomplish, figuring out a theme, how much to plan for, etc. can seem daunting.  Even though I have done this for a number of years, it still takes me months of planning and research to put together my summer camps.  I'm also known to "over-plan" because I don't want to have any down time which is a perfect time for kids to start veering off track.

If you're feeling overwhelmed about how to put all this together, but want to give it a try, I have 4 camps available!  Use them in their full form or take bits and pieces that work better for you.  When I run a camp I generally run them for 3 hours a day for 5 days so most of the camp plans will give you enough games and activities to fill 15+ hours, but you can certainly use portions of it for a shorter camp.  Not to mention the fact that all of them are great resources to pull from all year in your own studio or classroom!

Here's a look at them:
Mystery of Musicians' Island!
A fun, island-themed camp on a very special musical island!  This camp includes 32 games, 6 group activities and 5 crafts!  It's loaded with printable material and supply lists to make everything easy to implement!

World Adventure!
Take your students on a trip around the world and help them experience music through the eyes and ears of children everywhere!  There are over 50 games, activities, crafts and science projects in this camp - all divided by continent and country!

RoadTrip USA!
Celebrate the diverse music and composers of the United States!  Travel throughout America discovering various styles of music, listening to the music of gifted composers and learning/reviewing music fundamentals.  Add to that a fun "travel" element and your students will have a blast! 

Meet the Composers!
Introduce your students to amazing composers and the art of composing!  Designed to be taught in  4-one and a half hour classes, these simpler plans provide the complete format to not only introduce your student to come amazing composers but also to give them the opportunity to create their own compositions through a few basic composing techniques.

I encourage you to give a camp a try! You and your kids will LOVE it and look forward to it year after year!! The best part....they're all on SALE now through the end of March!!!! Take advance of the sale and stock up!!!

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