Thursday, March 10, 2016


In honor of the BEAUTIFUL weather we're having here in Connecticut and in anticipation of the coming Spring, everything in my online store is ON SALE!  That's right!  With thoughts of summer camps approaching, why don't you take advantage of camp plans already done for you!  Or get ready for a great practice incentive for the fall start up?  And the best news yet???? The sale will continue through the end of March!

MYSTERY ON MUSICIANS' ISLAND is now available!!!!  This camp includes a whopping 367 pages of information, games, activities and crafts all with a fun, island theme!  Add to that a mystery that needs to be solved and you have the makings of a camp your students will be talking about for a long time!

Specifically, there are 32 games, 6 group activities, 5 crafts, the mystery information and all the clues, information on how to run the program as a summer camp, daily schedule information and a sample of a daily parent note.

ALSO included are basic flashcards for the grand staff, intervals, rhythm and music terminology!

Mystery on Musicians' Island is a super exciting place to visit!  All of the musical stops on the island add another whole element of fun!

The best news yet?  It's ON SALE!!  

MAROONED ON MUSICIANS' ISLAND is also now available!  This is the practice incentive that started our adventures on Musicians' Island.  Originally I had my students start the practice incentive in the fall and then we finished the program with the camp, Mystery on Musicians' Island!  It was a VERY fun year and my students LOVED it!!

Included in this incentive are the following printable materials:
     Game Island Maps for your students and studio
     Game Pieces
     Island Story
     Island cards for students to collect
     Journal Pages
     Practice Achievement Stickers
     Information for Student Notebooks
     Complete instructions for the game,
     Instructions for student notebooks
     Musicianship & Practice Tips
     Challenge ideas for your students    
     Pictures and Ideas for decorating your studio/classroom
            and more!

Save even more and buy Mystery on Musicians' Island and Marooned on Musicians' Island together!  Start with the camp and continue with the incentive in the fall, start the incentive in the fall and end with the camp in the summer or use the camp information to supplement the incentive all year long!  There's no limit to the ways you can use both of these resources together!

When you bundle them together, you SAVE and with the March Madness Sale, you save even more!!!!

Check out these great resources as well as other camps in the online store also ON SALE!  Remember!!!  The sale is good all through the month of March!

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