Friday, March 20, 2015


Wow!  I am SO happy to finally be able to say that!  Up here in Connecticut we're welcoming Spring with another snow storm, but I won't be discouraged!  The fact that today is the first day of Spring puts a bit of a step in my feet (or snow boots!).

In honor of what I hope is the end of winter, I'm having a SALE in my on-line store!  I'm already deep in the planning of my summer camps so for those of you who are starting to think about it, there are camp plans for SALE!  All the work has been done for you!

RoadTrip USA! is a fun-filled exploration of the musical styles of America.  It has a bit of a twist to it with all kinds of road hazards!  It can be used as a full-week camp or you can use parts of it for group lessons!

World Adventure! invites you and your students to explore the music around the world, visiting 6 continents in 5 days!  You can use the full camp in one week or use parts of it, choosing which countries you would like to explore!   Loads of fun!

Meet the Composers!  If you're looking for a bit of a simpler plan for your summer, consider this one!  Meet the Composers! explores 4 different composers - Chopin, Copland, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky - and the art of composition!

All three of these camps include loads of resources, games & activities all planned out for you!  So take advantage of the SALE and stock up on all 3!

The SALE will extend through April 17th!  Even if you already have plans for the summer, any of these plans are great resources for your studio or classroom!

In addition to the camp plans, there are Music Sticker books for SALE!



Heidi said...

none of the links are working, just to let you know!

Sheryl said...

Hi Heidi! Someone else mentioned that so I checked it. It appears that everything is ok now! Thanks for letting me know!