Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kazoogle - Wazoo - Wazoogle

This summer I added Kazoos as a fun activity with some of my students!  What fun we had!
I had previously purchased a bunch of these when I saw a good deal on-line.  This summer seemed the perfect time to pull them out!

Once everyone got the hang of how to use them, we "hummed" some songs and worked on our steady beat together.  This simple and inexpensive instrument was a big hit.

BUT...I didn't stop there...have you heard of a Kazoogle

Brought to you by Kazoobie Kazoos, this gadget is kazoo meets bugle!  Very fun!  When I pulled this out, faces lit up!

Now add a wazoo and you get a Wazoogle!  The horn added on top amplifies the sound for a rather LOUD kazoo!  SO SO fun! 

For a bit more sophistication, try the Heartwood Hummer - a fun and beautiful wooden kazoo.  I love this one!

Kazoos can be loud, but SO much fun!  I encourage you to add this fun little instrument to your studio or classroom.  The kids will have a blast, especially if you pull out a few "attachments" to add to your own!

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