Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sorry for the Delay!

For those of you who have sent me requests for information and files, please be patient.  My brand new computer (only 8 months old) apparently had a bad hard drive and it quit on me over 2 weeks ago!  Yep...completely dead!  After a repair and recovery, I'm working on getting everything reloaded and all my files off my external hard drive.  I'm hoping I am able to retrieve all or most of what I had! 

As soon as I am back to "normal", I will begin answering all your questions and sending out files you requested (assuming I still have them!). 

ALSO!  I've been working on a new camp for this year and an update of a camp I did a few years back! Be sure to watch for some upcoming ideas and possibly some new camps for sale! 

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Robbin said...

Sheryl, I just purchased Road Trip USA and can hardly read through it I'm so excited! I want to do as much outside as possible even in the Louisiana heat. That means I hope to have my camp during May. I don't want to be pushy.....any idea when your preschool camp might be ready for sale?