Monday, January 7, 2013

Word Walls

As a part of group lessons and my homeschool classes, I often use word walls.  This is a great way to reinforce what we're learning and really works well for all those visual learners!  I don't actually have a "wall" to put them on - no space for a bulletin board in my studio, so I've gotten some of these...

This one hangs from my large cupboard by a couple of Command Strips and 2 rubberbands - works fabulously!

This one is free standing - forming a tent with clear pockets on one side.

And the latest one I purchased...

This one is also tent-shaped and free standing, but also has pockets on the other side.  This one also works great as a privacy barrier between students while playing games or taking theory tests.  The best part about all of them is that they become flat to store!  When I need one they pop-up quickly!

I would encourage you to use word walls as a part of your studio or classroom - whether you use a bulletin board or one of these fabulous pocket charts

AND to save you time...Melody of the Melody Soup Blog has created a fabulous bunch of musical words all ready for you to print!  In fact, I have made use of many of them and then created any extras as I needed them!  A HUGE timesaver!

If you use word walls, please drop a comment and share your ideas and how you make use of them in your own studio or classroom!


Val said...

I have not previously used these...but I love the idea and just ordered a pocket chart to put to use right away!!

Sheryl said...

Great Val! I would love to hear how you make out and how you end up using them!