Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Generous Gifting

Each year I'm amazed at the generosity of the families in my studio.  This past Christmas meant another year with loads of presents under my tree!  My parents know that I LOVE gifts for the studio because that means there are more resources my students and I can use in our weekly lessons, camps, classes, etc.  I keep a running wish list on loaded with items I would someday love to purchase and my parents use this as a shopping list!  I thought I'd share some of those items with you in hopes they may trigger an addtion or two to your own wish list.

A treble clef extension set of Boomwhackers, several great books, a game book, a Digeridoo, a guitar fret board rubber stamp, smiley face erasers...The Music Teacher from the Black Lagoon is hysterical!  Since it was on my wish list, I decided not to take that one personally!

A few more great books, an instrument game, a music book, a hand drum and the musical potato head! (Love that thing!)
And incredibly...three sets of parents went in together and bought  this amazing set of drawers!  I absolutely love these and look forward to filling them up!! 
I am so thankful for a studio full of amazing students and their families!  I would love to hear about new things you may have received or have on your wish list.



Jennifer said...

How cool is that?! And what a great idea. So how did they even know to look there? Did you let them know you had an Amazon wish list?

Sheryl said...

Hi Jennifer! So nice to hear from you! Yes, I send a notice out about a month before Christmas making sure parents know that a gift at Christmas is NOT necessary. But since some still want to give me something I encourage them to go on my wish list and consider "gifting" the studio instead so that their child as well as others can benefit from a game, book, or whatever they choose. I really don't expect anything and don't want them to feel they need to, but many of them love doing this. I word the notice very carefully because I don't want anyone to feel like they need to buy things they can't afford.