Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

So many of you have posted all of your great printables and ideas for games to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I thought I would remind you of a couple of games I had previously put together in case they would work for your studio as well!

Shamrock Spinner - a fun spinner made using a large foam shamrock and a game spinner.  You choose the categories!  Here is the post showing how I put it together!

St. Patrick's Day Printables - here is a link to all kinds of printables to use if you give out candy or gifts at this time of year.

Shamrock Measures - a fun game to reinforce beats in a measure.  Students try to build a specified number of beats before the other player!  Here is the link to how I put this one together as well!

Whatever you end of doing, I hope you have a fun week with your students!!

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