Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rhythm Roll!

I wanted a different way to drill rhythm and since I have so many "active" games for doing this, I wanted to come up with a calmer version.  I also wanted to use my new Googly-eye dice, so I put together what I'm calling...Rhythm Roll!
The game is a "bingo" style game requiring the player to get 5 across diagonally, horizontially or vertically.  And...this game takes a bit of strategy!

In addition to the game boards (there are 6), the game requires 1 standard die (or fun googly eye die!), 2 rhythm dice and tokens.  The rhythm dice have a whole note, half note, dotted half note, quarter note, two connected eighth notes, and a quarter rest on each.  I bought mine, but you certainly could easily make them.
At the beginning of a turn, the player must decide whether to use the google die or one or two of the rhythm dice.  In order to cover the numbers on the game board, they must roll one or two rhythm dice, add up the total beats and then place a token on the matching number.   If they are looking to cover a lower number, they may want to choose only one die, whereas a higher number, such as 8, may require rolling both. 
The standard die or googly-eye die is used to cover the note values.  If they roll a six, the player can cover the note values that add up to 6 beats.
Once a player is close to 5 across, it will certainly narrow down their decision as to which die to use!

This is sure to be a hit!  If you would like to use this game in your studio, you can download the game board and instructions here!



Tish said...

Great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your talent of creating ideas. I love them

Sheryl said...

You're quite welcome, Tish! I hope you can make use of them!

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy the rhythm dice?

Sheryl said...

I purchased the dice here:

There are about 30 dice and a book of games which are great for 5 minute games during a lesson.