Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Notable Notes

It's been awhile since I've posted...sorry about that!  This injury has slowed down my typing ability and 3 times a week I have to schedule in 1 1/2 hours of physical therapy.  Not easy to do when you have so many lessons during the week, but I'm pressing on and trusting that God had a plan for all this!

I also have an upcoming wedding in July!  My oldest son is getting married and I'm very excited to welcome a daughter into the family!  With that said, I'm trying to get my summer camp plans put together now to take the stress off later.  As a said in an earlier post, I'm using some of Jennifer Fink's Mission: Music Practice Incentive.  She did a great job putting it together and since it worked well with my original plan, I did a few adjustments to fit my studio needs and went with it.  It's been such fun! 

I wanted to tailor a camp this summer to work with this incentive so I'm putting together World Music Expedition as a week-long event.  Part of the week will include a carnival with lots of games and events.  One of the requirements, like any good carnival, will be for the kids to provide "payment" to play an event.  I thought about using coins or tickets, but wanted them to have to work at it a bit, so I came up with Notable Notes!
Notice the $ sign is followed by a note or a rest.  In order to play a game, they will have to provide payment of a determined number of beats.  It will be their responsibility to add up the beats and provide the correct notes.  For example, if they want to play a balloon popping game and it requires 12 beats, they'll have to look through their stash and produce notes equal to that amount or pay extra and tell me what change they will need! 

I think it will be a fun twist and will certainly get them thinking!  I realize they are pretty simple to look at, but computer graphics is not my strongest skill!  I also laminated them (all 560 of them!) since I wanted to be able to use them in the studio as well.  There are also lots of other things I'm working on so I'll be sure to share more in the coming weeks!


Jen Fink said...

I love the note values on the music money - what a great twist!!

Bethany Parnell said...

Love your blog!! I started teaching last August. Your studio is very inspiring and encouraging! I hope to do a camp next summer :) Thanks for sharing!